Unveiled: Queen Camilla’s “secret” role in supporting Kate Middleton

Other members of the royal family have had to step up while King Charles and Kate Middleton endure cancer treatment. The treatment started in January when King Charles first received his diagnosis and Kate had abdominal surgery.

The agenda has altered as a result of the enormous responsibilities that Prince William and Queen Camilla have taken on.

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Given the dearth of working royals in recent months, Prince William and Queen Camilla have received accolades for their work ethic, but it has also had a cost

Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton share a lot of similarities. Since they are both married into the royal family, they have occasionally had to face with intense public and press attention. In Kate’s instance, it was only a few weeks prior, as her Mother’s Day photo proved to be staged.

Though it has been a difficult time, the Princess of Wales has received a lot of support, not the least of which has come from Queen Camilla, who has gracefully demonstrated her support. The royal family is enduring a really trying period. Kate Middleton revealed her cancer diagnosis to the world last week. King Charles has been fighting cancer since January.

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Of course, the video announcing her cancer diagnosis revealed the reason for her quiet. Nonetheless, others have argued that it was already terrible enough that she released a photo of herself and her kids that had been altered.

Camilla became into a vital source of support for the Princess of Wales as Kate Middleton came under intense scrutiny following the Mother’s Day photo. As stated by Camilla Tominey, assistant editor of The Telegraph, in a Today interview, the queen “has been trying to help [Catherine] through the media storm aspect in all of this.”

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“I believe Camilla offered some support prior to [Catherine] making the announcement, as she was having to deal with the fallout from everything that was said about the Mother’s Day photo and everything else,” Tominey stated. “Because, let’s be real, Camilla is familiar with the challenges of being in the media.

She continued, “She understands what it’s like to guide kids through a media maelstrom. Queen Camilla is the one member of the royal family who truly understands what it’s like to be under constant scrutiny from the public and media.

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Queen Camilla is the one member of the royal family who truly understands what it’s like to be under constant scrutiny from the public and media. Then-Prince Charles admitted to being unfaithful to Diana in 1994.

Although it was the first time Charles had acknowledged the rumours, the identity of his mistress remained a secret.

But in that month, Jonathan Dimbelby published an official biography of Charles, establishing that Camilla was the woman he had been seeing.

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