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Walk away from people who put you down

Walk away
from people who put
you down. Walk away
from fights that will
never be resolved.
Walk away from trying
to please people who will
never see your worth.
The more you walk away
from things that poison
your soul, the healthier
you will be.

This is the bitter reality of life that we give importance to those people who always degrade us and doesn’t give us any value. So it’s better to walk away from such people who will put your level down. Never ever involve yourself in such fights that don’t have any end. The most important thing is to stay away from such people who will not give you value and importance in their life. They don’t consider you in front of them. The more you stay away from such people the more you will save yourself and your soul from being poisoned. These people will harm you and will also affect your health. So it’s better to stay away from such people and stay happy and healthy. This life is given to us once so please don’t waste your life on such poisonous people. Start focusing on your health and your happiness.

Sometimes walking away
has nothing to do with
weakness, and everything to
do with strength. We walk
away not because we want
others to realize our worth
and value, but because we
finally realize our own.

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Maturity is learning
to walk away from
people and situations
that threaten your peace
of mind, self-respect,
values, morals or

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