We Are Praying And Thinking About Jennifer Garner After Her Tragic Loss

Jennifer Garner has had a difficult few years, particularly following her divorce from Ben Affleck, but this was truly tragic. Jennifer Garner’s father, William Garner, 85, departed from this life “peacefully” on Saturday. Jennifer is mourning. “We were with him, singing ‘Amazing Grace’ as he left us (did we carry him across or scare him away — valid question),” the 51-year-old Suddenly 30 actress wrote on Instagram.

“I know grief is unavoidable and lurks around unexpected corners, even though the death of an 85-year-old man who led a healthy, wonderful life is not tragic.”

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

In spite of his dying, Garner said she was “grateful” for her father’s “gentle demeanour and quiet strength” in her thoughts on his life.

She went on, “For the way he invented the role of all-in, ever-patient girl dad, and for how he teased with a mischievous smile.” “His leadership, work ethic, and faith are greatly appreciated.” She also thanked the doctors and nurses who cared for her father in his final few months of life.

“Your nurturing nurtured Dad’s longevity and allowed him more time to spend in his favourite places—among daughters and grandchildren, supporting his beloved Aggies, steering a boat, and—above all—next to our mother, his 59-year wife,” the actress went on.

“Please be patient with me as I share these memories and express my gratitude for the loving legacy my father left behind, as well as the kind and intelligent man he was. My sisters and I will never be done talking about how wonderful he was.” Garner concluded the touching letter with a handful of never-before-seen photos from her early years and fun travels with her father. Garner recounted memories of their happiest moments, like picnics with watermelon and family portraits. She also attached a 2016 credit card commercial with her and William in it.

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

“Fashion designer Rachel Zoe went on, “I am so sorry Jen. Sending you so much love and healing. He He was the kindest most gentle sweet man.” “Sending you and your whole family the most love, light, and hugs,” actress Lily Collins stated.

“Aw babe sending you my love and prayers for you and your family,” said Eva Longoria. Along with William, her mother Patricia Ann, sisters Susannah and Melissa, and other family members, Garner grew up in West Virginia. Jen shares details of a “very public, very hard” time. The actress celebrated her wedding anniversary in January by posting a sweet picture of herself and her parents in front of a flowery wall. She wrote an adorable tribute, “Mum and Dad, for giving my sisters and me such a secure, happy start to life,” and wished them a happy 59th anniversary.

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