What you need to know about Sasha Walpole, the “older woman” who successfully defended Prince Harry’s virginity

The publication of Prince Harry’s book Spare on January 10 resulted in immediate popularity. The dust has settled after about a month since its release. Of course, whoever thought it would serve as a gesture of goodwill towards his family members was gravely mistaken.

Harry and the British Royal Family appear to be farther apart now than they were before Spare reached the market. However, Harry’s supporters are pleased with the sheer volume of autobiographical entries he wrote about his personal life, including how he lost his virginity.

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Harry wrote in great detail about how, at the age of 17, a “older woman” helped him lose his virginity in a field behind a bar. Because he withheld particular information about her identity, suspicions have abounded.

Then, only a few days ago, a woman at last spoke up. Sasha Walpole, who goes by Sasha, has decided to divulge additional private information about what took place on Harry’s big night.

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For many years, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in the media. The Royal Family’s supporters were split in two when they left. Some said the couple shouldn’t be “forced” to follow royal protocol against their will and should be free to do whatever they pleased. Others claimed that Harry ought to have committed his entire life to protecting the throne.

Harry had a number of different women in his life throughout the years. But in the end, it was Meghan Markle from the TV show Suits who won his affection.

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Readers of his book were intrigued by disclosures regarding his earlier relationships. But the part that is currently receiving all the attention was another, more private one.

In his book, Harry detailed how and when he lost his virginity, and now the woman he was with has shared her version of events.

The Prince described his experience of losing his virginity at the age of 17 with an older, horse-loving woman in a field behind a tavern.

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Harry described the incident, which took place in 2001 while he was a student at Eton and was described as “a humiliating episode with an older woman who admired macho horses and who treated me like a young stallion,” in his memoir.

She whacked my rear and sent me off to graze after the little ride. One of the many things about it that was incorrect was the fact that it took place in a grassy field behind a crowded bar. Evidently, someone had noticed us.

Naturally, everyone was curious about the identity of the mysterious woman, and the British newspapers spent no time in beginning their investigation. Suzannah Harvey, a former model and ardent horsewoman, was one of the women questioned. She refuted it in an interview with The Times, nevertheless.


“Not me. I’m innocent. Ha!” Added Harvey.

The identity of the woman Harry had been with initially went unspoken. Then, a few days ago, Sasha Walpole made the decision to speak up.

Following the publication of the tell-all book, which contained Harry’s shocking admission that he had lost his virginity, Sasha felt compelled to inform her father that she was the one.

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Walpole admitted to The Sun that she had previously kept her private time with Harry from anyone other than her mother. The Vine Tree Inn in Wiltshire is where Harry allegedly lost his virginity.

“I’m the one who stole Harry’s virginity,” she said. It was a wham-bam between two friends, literally. Because we shouldn’t have been doing it, it was passionate and energising, according to Walpole.

We went outdoors and scaled a three-bar fence to get to the field, she said. At this moment, we were very inebriated. Harry got a cigarette from me. I first lit mine, then his. It just happened after we completed our Marlboro Light cigarettes. He began kissing me.

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Sasha said, “Neither of them spoke while it was happening.”

“The fact that it was happening was exciting. The fact that it was happening in the manner it was was exhilarating. We were gone for fifteen minutes, but the conversation only lasted about five,” she said, adding that they had to walk their own ways back to the bar.

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