When a woman encounters Shaquille O’Neal at Best Buy, what he does next surprises her

In addition to his sporting prowess, Shaquille O’Neal has gained popularity for other reasons since his retirement. His large heart is one of the characteristics that people find so endearing about him.

To find out more about what he did for this woman during their chance encounter, continue reading.


Shaquille O’Neal is renowned for his exceptional athletic abilities. Over the course of his amazing career, he has released records and received numerous honours. However, the sportsman’s philanthropic side has recently garnered attention.

The former basketball great entered a Lafayette, Louisiana, Best Buy recently. It seems that he entered to inquire about the newest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone.
Additionally, Kquoella Lewis was in the store purchasing an iPad. She recognised the towering man standing next to her as none other than Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball legend.


Over the phone, Lewis shared her thoughts with O’Neal. “Get two, one for me and one for her,” Shaq told the store staff after that. The price of a Galaxy Z flip phone is approximately $1200.

Shaquille O’Neal is an avid consumer of Apple products, thus Lewis reportedly disclosed that the phone was not even intended for him, according to KLYF.

O’Neal has already been observed performing altruistic deeds for strangers. He chose to assist a little child who was having trouble finding shoes in his size after hearing about his situation earlier this year.

Eric Kilburn Jr., the young man, attends Goodrich High School. The 14-year-old is faced with a unique situation; his feet are too large for typical shoes. He is already 6 feet 10 inches tall and wears a men’s size 23 shoe at the age of 14!

However, as the child gets older, the shoes only get tighter and tighter, so his family decides to go shopping for new shoes for him.

After trying every possible avenue to find their growing kid the correct size of shoe, the adolescent’s parents decided to go public with their search in the hopes of receiving some assistance or leads!

His present size 22 shoes were expertly adjusted by them. The young youngster had to have his toenails surgically removed since he frequently gets blisters and needs to ensure that his shoes do not cause him to repeatedly have ingrown toenails.


The teenager needs shoes that fit him in a size 23 or 24, but his family cannot find even one pair of those shoes.

The family was able to find a $1,500 pair of shoes for him after learning his most recent shoe size. The family would have to spend at least $3,000 on two pairs—one for daily use and the other a little fancier in sizes 23 or 24!
The family started a GoFundMe page to collect money so they could get their son personalised sneakers. The narrative and campaign went viral. Expert shoe designers from brands like Puma, CAT, Under Armour, and others got in touch and offered to create personalised shoes for the adolescent.

Apart from that, though, the family was shocked by one additional phone call the young man received. Shaquille O’Neal, an NBA Hall of Famer, called him!

The former professional athlete disclosed that he had been in a similar situation when he was Kilburn Jr.’s age. Five distinct styles were provided by Shaq’s Reebok crew, which was extravagant for a child who was never finicky about shoes. There was a message with the sneakers that said, “Eric — We really hope that these sneakers we made for Shaq fit you and bring you some comfort. We wanted to deliver them to you as soon as possible, but we still have a few more things on the way. Be assured that we will support and assist you at every turn!

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