When no one volunteered to sing the national anthem, a high school student removed his helmet and picked up a guitar

Few things can stir up the blood pressure quite like a heartfelt performance of the Star-Spangled Banner. Ask anyone who witnessed Jackson Dean Nicholson’s performance a few years ago at Arundel High School in Maryland; he was a senior defensive end.

Not his on-field performance, mind you, but rather his rendition of the national song before to kickoff. It has amazed thousands of internet users throughout the years in addition to the home crowd.

Credit / YouTube

When Nicholson realised no one else was ready to sing the national song before his school’s game, he reportedly had to make a decision. He could have, of course, allowed the school to play a recording through the loud speakers, or he could have let the audience sing along.

However, it appears that Nicholson is of a different calibre. The high school student was the only one in the middle of the pitch before the game began, carrying only an acoustic guitar and a microphone.

He instantly delivered one of the best renditions of the American national anthem we have ever heard, therefore it is not surprising that the video became a viral phenomenon that has repeatedly gained popularity. The fact that the video, which was initially posted in 2018, is still amazing and relevant today is proof of Nicholson’s vocal prowess. It was really awesome.

At the time, Nicholson told the Baltimore Sun, “I probably knew 90 percent of the people sitting in those stands, and they had no idea I was doing it until I brought my guitar out.”

Even though Nicholson was dressed like a senior defensive end for his five minutes of fame, his real interest in life is music.

He started writing and performing songs while he was a freshman, and right before he went viral, he was working on his own album. He sensibly chose to go by Jackson Dean, his stage name, since there was already a rather renowned guy by that name, Jack Nicholson. In 2018, Jackson made the following statement regarding his football career:

“This is my last year, then I’m done.” I will have completed all of my credits by January, and all I need to do is be enrolled for this semester. My principle granted me a dispensation, and she is really supportive of my work. “I’m leaving to go for it” best of luck Jackson.

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