When Queen Camilla is moved to tears on the anniversary of D-Day, she displays her “human side.

The Royal Family’s brightest light in recent months has been Queen Camilla. King Charles’s wife took up more of the role when he began his cancer treatment, standing in for him at significant occasions and even making speeches, which she supposedly didn’t enjoy. Thankfully, Charles has recently made a partial comeback to royal activities.

Numerous noteworthy occasions are scheduled for this summer, such as Trooping the Colour this week, but it is unknown which activities the King will attend. In the meanwhile, Camilla has received recognition for her tireless efforts to maintain the monarchy’s complete operation.

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Maintaining a façade and refraining from displaying too many “extreme” emotions while performing official duties are unavoidable for members of the Royal Family. However, Queen Camilla and her spouse disregarded that particular directive on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, when she was observed crying due to a unique event.

It’s reasonable to suppose that Queen Camilla hasn’t experienced many calm times this year. 2024 was intended to be her and Charles’s first full year as king and queen, but it only took a few weeks for everything to alter.

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When performing their royal duties, the Royal Family constantly tries to project happiness and contentment, making an effort to welcome members of the public as politely as possible. But not every excursion is a joyful form of interaction, and even royals can become overcome by intense feelings on occasion. Only a few days ago, Queen Camilla let her guard down and started crying.

Camilla went to Portsmouth on Wednesday to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day alongside her husband and Prince William. A number of WWII soldiers attended, and Camilla broke down in tears as Eric Bateman, a Navy veteran who served aboard HMS Erebus near Utah Beach, described his experiences during the D-Day landings.

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With his two great-granddaughters accompanying him on stage, Bateman recounted how he “could almost walk across the channel” and that there were “ships as far as you could see.” Bateman remarked, “I’m fortunate to be here with two of my great-grandchildren 80 years later.” Many men and women signed up with me, including my good buddy Fred, but they were sadly unable to attend. I’m honoured to be here today in their honour and to ensure that they will never be forgotten.

After Eric finished speaking, Bateman’s great-granddaughters said, “We wouldn’t have the freedoms we enjoy today without them.” We won’t ever forget. I’m grateful.

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Both Charles and Camilla were quite affected throughout Eric Bateman’s address, and the queen was seen clearly crying.

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