Who is Jon Cryer’s wife Lisa Joyner?- Here’s all you need to know

After appearing in the sitcom Two and a Half Men as Alan Harper, Jon Cryer became a superstar in Hollywood.

Jon Cryer was born in New York City on April 16, 1965, to David Cryer, Father, and Gretchen Cryer who both worked as actors.

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Cryer told Ability Magazine, “I was born on a Friday night at 8:15 – 15 minutes after showtime. And my mom is a playwright, so I grew up in that world.  knew pretty much, from when I was eight or nine years old, that this is what I wanted to do, just because it’s so stupid, it’s such a silly job. I kind of can’t believe people get paid for it.”

Jon’s parents went their separate ways when he was four and lived with her mother who worked as an actress and a writer.

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She always tried to carry Jon along what she does and it didn’t take long before Jon landed his first acting role.

“But I just got lucky. So I started working when I was 18 got my first couple of jobs. My first gig was as Matthew Broderick’s understudy in Brighton Beach Memoirs; I lasted six weeks before they fired me.”

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He continued appearing on television and productions until at the age of 21 in 1986, he got his breakthrough in the film Pretty in Pink as Phillip Dale, also known as “Duckie.”


He explained, “Duckie was the guy I wanted to be in high school. I was a theater geek at a science geek school. So I did not fit in. I wore leg warmers. I’m not proud of it! I wish that I had been as extroverted and sure of myself as Duckie was. But that was not me.”


He had issues getting gigs, but it all changed after he auditioned for a new sitcom called Two and a Half Men and got the role of Alan Harper.

Cryer married his first wife Sarah Trigger in 1999. They welcomed their first child, Austin Cryer a year after and divorced in 2004.

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Cryer along the line met her second wife, Lisa Joyner. Lisa had a picture of what their relationship was going to look like in her head.

Lisa recalled, “I thought he was going to be my new best gay friend. We got to know each other. And had it not happened that way, I don’t think we’d be together. But, when we did kiss…I was done, I was done. I said, ‘Oh, okay!’”

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The two got engaged in 2007, wedded, and adopted a child, Daisy Cryer in 2009.

Today, the two spend a great deal of their time and fortune donating to the California organization Hope of the Valley to curb homelessness in the area.

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