Why Queen Camilla has the authority to command Kate Middleton to alter her attire: Within the guidelines and protocol of the Royal Family

A very well-liked member of the royal family these days is Queen Camilla. Because she had been Prince Charles’ mistress during his marriage to Princess Diana, the public was still furious with her when they started dating and eventually got married. But things are extremely different now.

The ex-Parker Bowles spouse has assumed a great deal of responsibilities since her husband’s cancer treatment. Her popularity is still rising, and maybe after Kate Middleton finishes her cancer treatment, she’ll be back doing royal tasks.

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Even though Camilla and Kate are supposed to have had a good connection in later years, things changed when she became queen. For example, it appears that Kate no longer has a say on what she can wear when out on formal engagements with the queen—if she hasn’t already OK’d it.

The royal family has many rules and traditions, including what to eat, how to act when presenting at royal events, and even how to welcome the people.

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Speaking with Express, a source close to the queen’s official dresser revealed Camilla’s odd request for Princess Kate and Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, the two other senior royal women. While all three like wearing blue to official royal responsibilities, the queen has the final word on whether or not that is permitted.

Queen Camilla is the highest-ranking official, thus she has the first say on what war to wage. According to Express, Camila’s personal dresser, Jacqui Meakin, originally “ruffled a few feathers” at the Palace since Camilla had stringent rules about who may wear what colour. And, in most circumstances, this includes wearing blue.

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Although Camilla was believed to be very stringent at initially, Kate and Sophie were eventually allowed to wear the same colour as long as it looked different enough.

“The Queen can now choose her outfits before the other women in the Royal Family.” “It’s part of the royal pecking order, which includes the clothes and colour,” the insider explained. “Her Majesty’s favourite colour is blue, as is Kate’s. Sophie is also very fond of it.

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The source stated, “There was a period when Jacqui [Meakin] was hesitant to allow blue to be worn at the same time as the Queen, but she’s now fine with it as long as the blues are very different hues. In the end, everything became a little hilarious, with all the ladies seeing the funny side.”

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