Why Satisfaction Is More Important Than Success

Following in the footsteps of some financial or entrepreneurial bigwig might seem like an easier and quicker way to success. However, it will not really garner you the desired happiness and satisfaction that your own blueprint can. Do you belong to the class of people who think that happiness and success are one and the same? Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are not. While success is great, it should not go at the cost of your happiness. But if you are self-satisfied, you stand better chances of being successful. 

Success Is For Others

According to Saint Augustine, the essence of living is for others. The moves you make, the risks you take and those wins you record will go to your name. However, everything you get from all of these accomplishments will not be enjoyed by you alone. Most people work hard to be able to take care of the ones they love. Some of those millions of dollars can go into charity, paying people’s salaries and building facilities for the community. In as much as success is yours, it is others that mostly reap the benefits. In any case, no one is saying that there is anything wrong with this. 

Happiness Is Yours

When you are happy, you are happy. When you are satisfied, you are satisfied. When you are successful and happy, you are very satisfied. Your success is decided by others, which may include some set of factors, sleepless nights and huge risks. But your happiness is your own conscious decision and how you work towards attaining it. The contentment you can derive from chasing your goals is different from the one you would get when you surround yourself with loving supporters. 

Success Is Struggle, Happiness Is Passion
Graduated at 21, after which you got a decent job. Thanks to the work, you travel to a few new places. You meet new people and you keep learning every day. However, you have never had the time to sit by the Thames when you were in London. You missed the nightlife in Paris due to early morning meetings. The bottom line is, your path to success is filled with plans that do not allow you to do the things you love. On the contrary, happiness is having the time to be you. Above all, it allows you to be passionate. 

Success Is Never Enough

Even if you have $1 billion in your bank account today, you will always want more. You will take part of that money and invest it in something else. Your tastes and expenses will always go up a notch and you will continue to chase more success. But when you are happy, you are content with what you have. Most of us ignore it, but the present is when we can actually live. You might find yourself endless chasing material things if you are not careful. But when you are satisfied, you do not do things you don’t like to get what everyone else has. 

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