William Garner, the 85-year-old father of Jennifer Garner, passed away

Following the announcement of her father William Garner’s demise yesterday, April 1, Jennifer Garner gave a moving homage to him. The 51-year-old Garner announced her father’s death on social media, stating that the sadness she was experiencing was “unavoidable” and “waiting around unexpected corners.” Her father was 85 years old.

According to all accounts, the Hollywood diva had a close relationship with her father. She honoured her parents’ 59th wedding anniversary on Instagram in January with a touching message.


Yesterday, Garner posted a number of family images to social media. “My dad departed on Saturday afternoon in a calm manner. As he departed, we were singing Amazing Grace and wondered if we had scared him off or helped him get over his fear.

Even though the death of an 85-year-old man who led a healthy, happy life is not tragic, I am aware that mourning is inevitable and might appear out of the blue.

Garner continued by thanking her father for his lengthy life and “gentle demeanour.” The actress said, “We are appreciative of Dad’s calm strength and gentle manner.” For the way he developed the persona of the all-in, eternally patient girl dad, and for the way he taunted with a naughty smile.

His leadership, work ethic, and faith are greatly appreciated. According to accounts, William Garner has always been a significant figure in his daughter’s life. The 51-year-old has a strong link with her parents, as is evident to anyone who knows her.

Garner gained notoriety in September of last year when she gave her 85-year-old father an emotional surprise gift. For a brief visit, Garner returned to her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, where she had organised a unique celebration for her father’s big day: a ride in the 1948 vehicle that had been his from his early years.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 08: Jennifer Garner attends The Hollywood Reporter 2021 Power 100 Women in Entertainment, presented by Lifetime at Fairmont Century Plaza on December 08, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter)

“A trip in his childhood automobile — 1948 Studebaker Champion — with kind and giving David King was Dad’s early birthday surprise,” Garner said on Instagram at the time, accompanied by a picture of the father and daughter standing next to the car.

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