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The worst feeling is when you find out you didn’t mean

The worst feeling is when
you find out you didn’t mean
as much to someone as you
thought you did and you look
so stupid for caring
too much.

If you push me away, I promise you, you won’t find me where you left me. My heart is big, but not big enough to deal with people who decide to love me when it’s convenient for them.

Some people hurt
by words, some by
actions and some
by silence. But the
biggest hurt is that
someone Ignoring
us when we value
them a lot.

One day you will wake up
and all of a sudden the weight of
the last few weeks, months or
even years will be lifted off your
shoulders. You cant control
when that day comes, all you can
do is stay strong and trust that it
is coming.

People will always
notice the change in your
attitude towards them,
but they will never notice
it’s their behavior that
made your change.

you have to move on and let
other people regret not giving
you a chance. Sometimes the
best revenge is not dwelling on
the person that didn’t want you.
Sometimes the best revenge is
actually waiting on the one that
you need in your life. And if
someone wants to run away
from your love, let them. We’re
getting too old to be running
down behind people who
don’t want us.
-Unknown Author

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12 thoughts on “The worst feeling is when you find out you didn’t mean

  • Hazel french

    Enjoyed reading these. Thought you would be asleep by now.

    • Stephanie

      How about being in a relationship with a man you’ve loved since 14, and never dated til later on and for 4 years from the age of 32 to 36 and he kept not 1 not 2 but 3 high school girlfriends behind your back the entire time claiming they’re only friends, he couldnt be honest with me or them but kept excuses as to only chatting here and there but I’ve heard the messages, read the texts and was ditched repeatedly and lied to about it for them. In my experience, you shouldn’t have to hide it everybody has a past but if you’re trying to make a future with the one you’re with honesty, trust and respect are the biggest things and communication as well. If you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t have to and he shouldn’t lie about the person you’re dating and hiding them from those friends if there’s nothing going on. In spite of all of this you got a look at the way the person was raised especially when they’ve watched a mother go through 3 men, serious relationships including kids, has cheated each time only to find that the son is the baby of 4 children and has lied to those stepfather figures throughout his life and covered for his mother only for her to do the same for him, thus far in making me look the fool when I felt in my head my heart and my gut the entire time hes a male version of his mother what am I to expect? And they both know you went out of your way to do everything as uncomfortable as some of the things may have been, just to make him happy,but he let you walk and didn’t chase you and has no real explanation or can admit to his actions of behavior or to show any remorse for what he is done and how hes made that person feel. Narcissist by learned behavior? Sex addict by needing many females? Indecisive as to what he wants in life? Scared to grow up? I’ll never know. I have however come to terms that your body has 3 ways a feeling energy or vibes. Your head, your heart, and you’re got. Your head can think but cannot feel what your heart and your gut do, I have learned as a massage therapist and being very in tune with my body as well as reading energy of other people, that I tend to not listen to my head but rather feel with my heart and my gut, that is your intuition and it is always going to be correct. Many people may not care to read this it is kind of a novel however it feels good to get it out and hopefully inspire people to know they are not alone but to make them have a better outlook and how to view certain situations were when your head cannot figure out what your heart wants make sure your heart and your gut or tell you the same thing and when he feels something in your soul based off someone’s actions and how they talk or different patterns of communication in general and body language pay attention those are those red flags.

  • Michael Johnson

    I was their. And I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever allow myself to go there, again.
    And the dirty chick, got the NERVES to be mad at me for not being her, friend.
    Hahahahahah Hahahahahah Hahahahahah
    Michael Johnson

  • I care. Not because I expect to be cared for in return, but because it is the right and human thing to do. I care. Without expectation of reward or redemption or respect, but because I would not be me if I did not. And if there is some sort of gratitude. Some understanding of the gift, it is an unearned blessing.

    • Peg Lyons

      I had what I thought was a best friend/soulmate. Then our friendship was invaded by a spider who proved 3 is a crowd. They both got divorced. I didn’t let that happen to me despite the spider’s best efforts. I was out. It destroyed me. It was like getting a a divorce. I couldn’t deal. I couldn’t be around them so I gave up the job I loved. (We all worked at the same place.) I went to therapy for years. I saw each of them one more time—at the spider’s ex- husband’s funeral I saw the spider. We didn’t speak. My ex best friend and met & talked, ignoring the elephant in the room. A lot had happened to both of us in the 10 yrs that has passed, very similar things. We hugged when we parted. That was the last time I saw her. I sent her a note when you youngest son died. She’d been there when he was born. Not a word. I haven’t had a best friend since. One big burn is enough to last a lifetime, and that’s what it’s been. We met when I was 27. It was over by 33. I’m 77 now.

      • Kareema

        I met my BFF in high school (way back in 1985)….I was 15, she was 14. We were so close, we called each other “sister”. We were there for each other through so many things, ups & downs, heartaches & joys. She was there through my divorce & when my son was born. I was the MOH at her wedding in 2014…then, 2016 came around & she ended our friendship, saying I had never been a good friend, telling lies about me & then insulting my mother & son.

        It hurts like Hell – even today – and I miss our friendship….or….rather….what I thought our friendship was. I will never trust anyone like that again! Over 30 years & I’m no longer anything to her (except a bad memory & a ton of regrets)…

        It was bad enough that several family members acted that way towards me, but her?!? I don’t know that I’ll ever get over that. 😢💔😢💔😢

      • I know the feeling. I worked at a bank when I was 22 years old. My father was strict and never really dated much. I became friends at work with a guy who was clearly interested in me, showing up on the weekends at places I said I would be with my girlfriends. I was to stupid to know he liked me. But he never came right out and asked me. Out Next thing I know he goes and has a sexual relationship with another girl in front of me. He told a friend he heard me talking about other guys that’s why he never asked me out. That’s bull. Anyway I had a college friend who was upset that a guy she like d didn’t feel the same way. So we commiserate d together. Next thing I knew she came to work at the bank without my knowledge. We had a ladies room with a lounge. One night I was going home and forgot my dry cleaning. I enter the room and there the two of them are all cozy on the sofa. I think I said something to them like Well! And ran out of there. Never mind spider try Snake! I should have known her ways. I liked her cousin I met in college and when I had plans to go out with him all of a sudden he said he couldn’t go. Anyway she ended up marrying the guy from the bank. I had been over him but it still hurt. I ran into her later working in a dept store and she had the nerve to say hi and tell me what a compromise marriage was. Really! Ugh. I wish I was more quick thinking and outspoken then. Saw them once again at a restaurant, no contact what’s so ever. My relationships after that were similar it seems. I’m 58 now and stopped dating along time ago. I kept getting hurt.

    • Daniel

      That attitude of yours is next to godliness. The sort of mindset And heart Jesus had towards humanity. That is love that endures.

    • You are amazing. Thank you.

  • adedayo

    I need more of this scripture for growth and development


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