Years after Tom Brady’s divorce, Bridget Moynahan marries in an exquisite wedding

Years after her breakup with professional athlete Tom Brady, Bridget Moynahan is at last content with her love life.

Many of us recall how Moynahan and Brady broke up after two years of dating, and how Moynahan soon revealed she was three months pregnant with their now-16-year-old child.

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Moynahan, regrettably, became a single mother during her first and only pregnancy. But her tale does, in fact, have a happy ending. Continue reading to learn more!

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2008, 52-year-old Bridget Moynahan opened up about her surprising experience as a single mother. She said, “I never thought I would raise a child alone,” and added, “and I want something equal to that in my life, as a partner, a lover, a friend.”

Not only was the actress and former model shocked to learn she was pregnant in the first place, but Moynahan, who claims she believed in marriage before having children, faced a struggle.

Moynahan stated, “I’m a traditional girl, and I believe in marriage, and I always thought that’s the way I’d be doing this,” in the same Harper’s Bazaar interview. I had a moment of difficulty accepting that this was my only option for starting a family.

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Following their “amicable” breakup in early December 2006, as reported by People, Moynahan’s romance with former NFL player Tom Brady took an unexpected turn when she found out she was three months pregnant.

The fact that Brady had already moved on with supermodel Gisele Bündchen—whom WSJ Magazine claims he had met on a blind date the month he split from Moynahan—only served to complicate matters.

In her reflections on the “traumatic” event, Moynahan acknowledged that she was compelled to become pregnant and give birth in the spotlight, saying, “I’m not sure anyone – and I could be wrong in this – grows up thinking, I want to be a single mom.”

Brady and Bündchen tied the knot in February 2009, while Moynahan was occupied raising her son Jack, according to Vogue France. Benjamin, their first child, was welcomed into the world ten months later. In December 2012, they had a second child, Vivian. Sadly, they got divorced in 2022 after spending 13 years together.

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In her memoir, Bündchen admitted that she too was having trouble with Brady and Moynahan’s imminent baby’s birth. According to Bündchen (via Us Weekly), “Two months into our relationship, Tom told me that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant.” The news was all over the place the following day, and I felt like my entire world had collapsed.

But in the end, Moynahan found comfort in her 2007-born son, John “Jack” Edward Thomas.

After Moynahan and 49-year-old Andrew Frankel connected through common friends, her personal life began to improve. Following their engagement in April 2015, the pair held a surprise wedding at Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack, New York, in October of the same year. Rather than accepting gifts at the small-scale celebration of their love, they urged contributions to The Hole in Wall Gang Camp.

Reminiscing about the idyllic wedding, the actress expressed her gratitude for the celebration’s overall design and the attention to detail in her clothing. Following her path from a public split to single parenthood, fans acknowledged that Moynahan truly deserved her happily ever after and embraced her happiness at the moment.

Moynahan and Frankel’s three boys from a prior marriage make up their blended family, which provides Jack with a caring and encouraging atmosphere.

Moynahan expressed her gratitude for her son’s extended family, which includes stepmothers, cousins, and boyfriends, to More magazine (via Us Weekly). She said this despite the unexpected turns in her journey. There is love all around my son.

Through narrating her experience, Moynahan demonstrates her resilience and acceptance of life’s unpredictability. She has constantly exhibited the fortitude of a mother who is committed to giving her child love and support, and it is undoubtedly a commendable quality.

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