You Have a Choice

All our lives, most of us have been taught that we only have two options. Yes or no, black or white,  this or that. Fortunately for us, we do not have just two options.

Life has been designed in a way that the majority of the time, we have a myriad of choices if we open our eyes to see them.

There is a scary wave of negativity that sweeps through the human race, leaving them with the mindset that they have no options.

Honestly,  it is easier to be a Debbie Downer than to be a sunny Rachel Ray.

Being negative requires little to no energy. Being positive? Now that takes work, energy, and dedication.

 Why is it harder to be positive than to be negative?

Somehow,  human beings are more prone to seeing the negative side of things and are also prone to being negative.

That is why it takes conscious effort to be kind and loving, whereas hate seems to come easily.

To be positive you have to intentionally arrange your thoughts to see the good sides of things.

The good news is th6ay being positive has a lot of perks, and one of such perks is the realization that you have a choice.

It is fascinating that in a world where people can be anything, they choose to be the negative versions of themselves.

The truth is that the way you see yourself will play a major role in the choices you make. This is why being positive is important.

Someone who sees themselves are great, beautiful,  strong and in a positive light, would hardly see themselves in a negative light.  They will also not make negative choices if they can help it.

You have a choice to be positive or negative it is completely up to you.

Make this choice with the awareness that the lenses through which you view life will colour every area of your life.

Which one are you? The one who is anxious for everything or the one who trust God to provide?

The one who complains about every bad thing that has happened or is happening to them or the one who counts every single blessing ?

Are you the one who is thankful for whatever the have or the one who is never satisfied,  always wanting more.

Are you the type of person that thinks that success should be measured by wealth especially money, or the one who considers having loved ones around you make you rich ?

Your outlook matters. You have a choice every day. That is why I choose to be happy, to be grateful for life and all the subliminal things that people dont see but are miracles to me. I choose to live life with a positive outlook. I choose to be excited about life while being thankful I have it.

What about you?

What choice will you be making today?

To live or to just exist? To be grateful or to grumble? To be excited about life or to begrudge the beautiful sides of life?

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