You’ll be amazed by Donald Trump’s exercise routine. The previous president compares himself to a battery

As with many presidents before him, Donald Trump faced heavy criticism from a large portion of the US population. Of course, things turned especially ugly after the January 6 riots at the US Capitol Building, perhaps leaving an everlasting stain on Trump’s political legacy.

While Trump’s presidency was panned by some, it was his mental and physical health that others chose to question repeatedly. Indeed, though he had aimed fire at current president, Joe Biden, there were those who openly said that he wasn’t fit for the Oval Office, in the literal sense of the world.

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It’s interesting to note that Trump doesn’t appear to exercise at all, despite playing a lot of golf.

Even so, there are things one may do to improve their chances of living a longer life even if we all become older. One of such items is generally acknowledged to be exercise. Barack Obama reportedly works out for 45 minutes each morning, including cardio and weight training. He also reportedly plays a lot of basketball.

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In the meantime, President Clinton supported physical fitness and frequently ran early in the day with his bodyguards. The same is true for President George W. Bush, who, according to the Washington Post, frequently rode his mountain bike as well as the streets.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump used to be in terrific condition, exercise hasn’t really been a top concern for him. According to a 2015 Business Insider article, Trump attended the New York Military Academy and graduated in 1964. His yearbook reportedly reveals that he played varsity football, baseball, and soccer.

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In 2010, Trump stated, “I enjoyed athletics when I was 17.” “I was always an excellent athlete, participating in wrestling, football, baseball, and soccer. The activity I thought I liked most was baseball.

Trump claimed he intended to play professional baseball and that he attended a military academy in New York.

“I led the baseball team as captain. I was expected to be an expert.

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Fortunately, I chose to enter the real estate industry instead. I was the catcher and the first baseman. I enjoyed myself and was a solid hitter. I’m now playing golf.

According to CNN, they apparently substituted steak for Dover sole and threw away hamburger buns (at least the tops).

The story claims that Trump said he needed to reduce weight and that he required a new training regimen.


According to Newsweek, he stated, “The people who prepare the food at the White House are fantastic, but I think they can maybe make the amounts a little bit smaller, and maybe we’ll cut out some of the more fattening stuff,” adding that he was “OK with that.”

“I’ve always placed a higher value on diet since I’m a strong person, you know? “I swung the bat far. I mean, physically, I’m strong.

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What did Trump actually do in terms of exercise? Actually, not much, as it turns out. The former president once suggested that working exercise is bad. He adheres to the premise that the human body functions similarly to a battery.

After graduating from college, Trump largely abandoned his personal athletic pursuits and started to see playing sports as a waste of time. Trump thought of the body as a battery with a limited amount of energy that exercise just used up, according to Mike Kranisch and Marc Fisher of the Washington Post in their book Trump Revealed.

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So he didn’t succeed. He warned John O’Donnell, one of his top casino executives, saying, “You are going to die early because of this,” after he found out that he was preparing for an Ironman triathlon.

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