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Your ex isn’t your child’s ex

Children of divorced families already have it hard, please don’t make it harder on your own child by teaching them not to like their other parent. During divorce, your child needs to be reminded that neither of you love your child any less and that they are safe and will be protected and provided for. When a parent talks badly to their child about their mother or father, you are teaching your child to hate. You are teaching them disrespect is okay. This is exactly opposite of what we should teach our children. When you exchange your child with your ex, it should be positive, calm and full of respect. Respect one another in front of your children, even if it is the hardest thing for you. Often times, younger children blame themselves for the divorce and they have a very difficult time accepting the changes that are taking place in their lives. Kids occasionally act out because they don’t have the words to express their concern and emotions. When parents work together during this difficult time, they raise children who become secure in the knowledge that even though my parents aren’t together anymore, they both love and support me in all ways. Please, all parents, think before you speak. Your child looks up to you, teach them what you want them to learn. Act in ways you want them to act, and always be kind and show respect to your ex in front of your child.

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