10 facts about true love

Defining love is one of the most complex things in existence. Even when we are in love with someone, we tend not to be able to define whether what we feel is passion, a sense of happiness and well-being, well-being, affection or really true love.

Neither scientists nor poets can faithfully translate what love means. However, we know that to love is to be yourself, to respect the space of others and to live an enriching partnership. Love is a feeling of calm and far from the ups and downs of a sweeping passion. That’s why he is so sought after by those who want stability in life.

If you are unsure if your relationship is based on love or some other feeling, we will help you. We list 15 facts that true love brings to your life. Check it out and try to recognize yourself in these situations.

But here I have a warning: if you identify situations contrary to those listed, be aware, it may be time to change your way of acting or even get out of a toxic relationship that nothing good will bring you.

1- Without victimization and without blaming the partner

True love has no room to blame and play the victim. When the feeling is solid, at the time of the quarrels or as soon as the spirits calm down, the couple tends to rethink their actions and assume their mistakes, without putting the weight of the disagreement on each other.

2- Without exacerbated jealousy

Who loves, cares. This is a fact. But if this care becomes a wave of exaggerated and unfounded jealousy, I already warn you that it is not love. True love trusts and knows that having toxic feelings like jealousy will only ruin the relationship.

3- No unfounded expectations

To love is to understand that your partner is different from you. He probably has very different thoughts and actions from yours, so you shouldn’t create expectations that he would react to something the same way you would. If you want something or expect something, make it clear. Setting expectations only creates frustration.

4- Do not let fear interfere in the relationship

Fear is one of the dirtiest feelings that can exist. It frustrates, paralyzes and creates unrealistic situations. Love usually goes a long way from fear, and when a spark appears it is soon extinguished by the reassuring partner.

5- True love sets you free

Love does not suffocate, it lets go. Those who love need freedom, space and situations where they are distant from the loved one. But love will always make her come back.

6- Live in partnership with equal rights

Selfishness and self-centeredness are two things that must pass far from love. Being in a relationship based on love is knowing that a partnership is being built and always understanding the needs of the loved one.

7- To have the will beyond the need

To love is to want to be together and not to be together. The will comes from free and spontaneous action, the need denotes an obligation. Who loves stays with the other to fulfill their will. That simple.

8- No obligations

Still in the reasoning of the topic above, true love is sometimes simply not compatible. Loving someone doesn’t mean that you should live together, maybe it’s not the right time. Know that to love is also to have the maturity to end a relationship, if necessary.

9- Give constant attention

Knowing how to love someone is knowing that someone else is waiting for your attention and doing everything they deserve. This holds true throughout the relationship, as true love requires maintenance and the game is never fully won.

10- Be aware that feeling alone is nothing

In practice, love is just a word that in itself does not mean much. Love must be in every affection, every look and every word exchanged. To please is to love.

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    Lecture Style of imparting information. That style ensures I will NOT remember information STATED.


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