11 Conversations That Can Save Your Relationship


Relationships can fall apart quickly when there is a lack of communication between the partners. Love can only carry relationships to a certain point. There are so many factors involved in a successful partnership and love is big, but not always the most important. Without good communication, love won’t be able to solve the problems that may arise. Here are some discussions couples might want to have to help their relationship.


Despite having some negative opinions associated with it, sex is a big deal for a marriage. You commonly hear people complaining about fulfillment in their sex life. Sometimes this problem can completely ruin a relationship. As uncomfortable as it might be, have this discussion with your partner. Discuss expectations and needs and don’t stop until you are both at ease with each other and this topic.


People in a relationship should be aware of each other’s boundaries. What they find acceptable or not. Without knowing, it is easy to cross the wrong line and make your partner feel uncomfortable or even insecure. Lay this topic out clearly.


We all have needs that we want to be met. When a person’s needs aren’t met they will find someone or something that will meet those needs. Eating is a need, when you’re hungry you will search out food. Other needs are the same, they are all important.


We all bring our past experiences into each new relationship we enter. Some of them may be good and some bad, but lessons have been learned. If you have fears within your relationship, no matter where the fear came from, express it to your mate, they need to know.


All is not fair in love and war. Arguments can cause permanent damage when they are done the wrong way. It can be so easy to focus on winning the argument and forget that the person you love is on the other end of your words. When anger takes over the conversation, take a break. Resume your discussion when all parties can participate with a level head. If you win, your partner loses. 


Financial decisions will need to be made in your relationship and differences in spending habits are sure to cause some friction. Set goals you both agree on and stick with it. Don’t let finances become a wedge between you. 


The desire to have children doesn’t appeal to everyone, however, even if you do agree that you’d both like a family there will have to be a great deal of agreement put forth into what kind of parents you will be. If you ask a million people how to raise children you may get a million different answers. This important part of child-rearing can make or break a great relationship.


In-laws can wreak pure havoc in your relationship. What is normal for one family isn’t for another. The biggest realization that everyone needs to have is that you are your own family now. Present yourself as a family, a solid unit. When you are divided and show it to others you are giving them space to put a wedge there.

Alone Time

Everyone needs a little space once in a while. Discussing this with your partner will alleviate the chance of them feeling rejected by you. Being alone can give you peace during chaos or everyday life. If you have the need for alone time explain it and make sure your partner understands that this is about you and not about them.


When building a career it can consume most of your hours in a day. Having an understanding partner and a discussion about each of your goals will help you both. Nobody wants to come in second place to your career.


Having assigned duties or both pitching in works well for house chores. The failure in this area comes about when one person feels that they are carrying a bigger load than the other. This is an area where resentment can grow fast. Take care of who’s going to do what before the confusion and misunderstandings start.


Working together as a couple can solve most problems that are presented to you. Always remember that you have become us instead of I. Taking into account how your partner feels and what they expect from you should not be downplayed. This may just be your key to a successful relationship or the demise of the one you already have.

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3 thoughts on “11 Conversations That Can Save Your Relationship


    Your article on “11 conversations that could save your relationship.” is the best article I’ve read in a long time.
    The content is pretty much the same, but the way the article was written had been put in a very simple way. Understandable and not full of jargon.
    I’m printing this out for a couple who is getting married next weekend.
    I wished my ex husband and myself would have had this 54 years ago, I think if we had we would still be together.
    Thank you for this very informative article.

  • I am overwhelmed with all the words ,though am not married but some of what I just read is part of what I really need to work on.

  • Wanda McNair

    Thanks for the word’s everything that I have reading is the problem I need to work on me and my exhusband are trying to get back together he ask me would I marry him but the fear of trust I don’t trust the man still stuck in the past of what he done to me I love him dearly but I’m just so scare of being hurt again what should I do a woman with so much fear


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