5 Common Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You

All healthy and lasting relationships must be built on a firm foundation of respect. In the beginning of a new relationship, it takes time to see if your partner truly respects you. Often times it is difficult to see the signs. Respect is many things, it is love, caring, understanding, honesty, listening, not being mentally or physically abusive, and respect is non-judgment and showing compassion. 5 Common Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You – see the signs below.

1. They tell you what is wrong with you.

You are entitled to how you feel; you wouldn’t be you without your emotions and feelings. When your partner tells you are wrong for how you are feeling, this is a sure sign they don’t respect your feelings and could care a less about your emotional well being. Nobody is perfect, but you’re your partner to continually belittle you of your own emotions, is wrong!

2. Refuses to listen to you.

Respect is shown in many ways, however listening to you and accepting what you are saying is so important in any relationship. We all know that communication is essential to any relationship, but if our partner overpowers you and discredits your own words, how can you have a successful and healthy relationship if they refuse to listen and ignore your words? You matter too! It isn’t just about them! Don’t allow your partner to think they are better than you. Relationships fail quickly without effectively communicating together.

3. Their way.

Relationships are give and take, but they should be equal on both sides. Your partner should never just take the upper hand and do things their way with speaking to you and working together as a team. This type of behavior is called control; they always want to take the upper hand. Your partner should value your opinions, and seek your advice – always and every time!

4. Disrespect.

When it comes to your friends and your family, your partner should always treat them with the utmost respect. Regardless if they do not care for them. The way that your partner treats those closest to your heart is a reflection upon you; they should never ever treat them with disrespect. Consider your future with this person, if they discredit your friends and family now, what would it be like for you if you married this person? Having a good relationship with close friends and family is so important to you; don’t let your partner break those bonds.

5. Continually unkind.

Your partner is someone you should be able to turn to in times of despair and times of joy. If they aren’t there for you to uplift you and stand beside you through tough times, and if they could care a less about your accomplishments, and celebrate with you – honestly take a step back and look at the big picture! A partner, who verbally attacks you and insults you, is a sign of emotional abuse, and nobody deserves this. Emotional abuse leads to physical abuse and does nothing for you except break you down as a person, makes you question your own sanity, lowers your self-esteem and leads to deep depression. If your partner truly loved you, they would never treat you with such regard. Stand up for yourself and let it be known that you will not accept this type of behavior. Your best bet is to exit the relationship, as most likely, things will not get better.

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16 thoughts on “5 Common Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You

  • I agree and have been there. So you know that we are not together any more. Being happy and single works for me! Thank you for your words of enlightenment. It verifies my opinion.

  • Sudheer

    Totally agreed with all the points mentioned. It is exactly as you have said, as it is. If that is the case, suggest remedy in return in mail.

  • These aforementioned examples have hit the nail on the head, precisely. Unfortunately I’ve encountered this situation.

    • Michelle keen

      It’s your love for him…that what keeps you there! If you could learn to love yourself as much as you love him it would get easier to let go. 16 years with an addict I thought I could fix…that my qualification on answering replying.

      • I was with one for 15 yrs.did everything I thought would make him happy but in his mind I never did anything.😢

  • Bilan guure

    True thanks, I was in abuse relationship

  • I checked off 4 of the 5… 😞😒😪😭😞😒😪😭

  • Going through this now. I’m so in love with him. I see all the disrespect and know all the lies and I still stay. Even when I tried to leave something keeps pulling me back

  • Excellent article. I hope readers take note and pass it on.

  • Jessie45

    I am currently trying to get out of a relationship that is/was just like this, he has nowhere else to go or no one else to help him because he is an alcoholic and the alcohol has turned everyone against him, including me now. It took my 6 year old child saying something to make me realize this. I have tried for 7 years to get him to put the alcoh down & love & respect me so my daughter would know how a ma is suppose to treat a woman but it seems the more I try that worse it all gets. I am the one who pays all the bills, supplies us both with cigarettes, buys everything my child beeds & wants & gets groceries to be disrespected 24/7 I am now determined to get away & have a better life for me & my daughter

  • Well I knew that the relationship was over.He always talked about my weight.Or what I was eating.Sometimes he would apologize.I did not even want him to touch me.This was my first live-in relationship.Never again.I think he has bi-polar and very much a narcissist.I had not dated in over 13 years.Due to the love giving of my Parents.When i would get home from work.The WORDS would start.Nothing was ever right.I know that I love myself and I am better off without him.I have high self esteem.I never stop my friendships and they are still with me.

  • Michael Gonzalez

    Some are just lonely and put up with abuse……
    It’s better to roam the world with God than in bad company….
    If your in love & want to help or get help, then there are programs where you can go.
    Don’t suffer or make someone else suffer, get out and get help.

  • I have been married to this man for 27 years, but the last 10 or so have been so filled with lies, hate, screaming and hollering and cussing. Nothing I say is ever right, and he has me so low, I don’t know how to think anymore. I have wanted to leave a long time ago, but have a very big problem with leaving. I am on home dialysis and my husband is the one that hooks and unhooks me. If I left, there is no one around here that is qualified to do home dialysis, so we are stuck with ea ch other ! The only solution is to have 2 more operations so that I could go to dialysis in a town 55 miles a way, but an unable to drive out of town. There is no way out, no way out.

    • Atex2019

      Janice, I have MS and am on my own for the first time since my diagnosis. My ex of 15 years left me, 1.5 years ago after finding someone online that he “fell in love with” after 2 days. He couldn’t take dealing with the changes my disease was making in me. I couldn’t take care of him or the house(cleaning, cooking, etc…) so he went looking for someone else to fill that role but before he did that, I got comments like, “you’re weird” and “can’t you just do…” and when I’d ask why we had to do something he wanted to do that I didn’t but feel like doing, like going out with friends or hosting people at our place for a football game, I’d have to or feel his disappointment which made me feel horrible. Or we’d have to do things his way even when it made more sense to do it a different way, he’d say “it’s all about me”. He’d say it like a joke, but I learned, in the end, he actually really meant it. Being on my own is scary as I’ve recently had the worst relapse since my diagnosis and can no longer live alone so I’m having to move into a group home. It’s scary but at the same time, it’s empowering. I’ve always been independent and thought I was strong but I’m finding that I’m stronger than I ever thought even though I can’t be independent anymore. You will find the strength, in yourself, to find another way to get your dialysis hooked up. Don’t put up with being treated badly because you “need” him to help you, it’s really not worth it and there are other ways that you can get that need taken care of, believe me.

    • Gisselle Vazquez

      As a family advocated I know about resorves you might qualify do to your illness. You can try applying for what is called a PT1. PT1 is a program rhat you apply through the hospital you go to. Done through your primary care doctor or physician in as a electronic application online. Call your hospital and choose appointment line and say I want to apply for a PT1. To give you a head start they will guide you more on how to make this process application available to you. If you cant drive for a specific reason weather that might be you cant multitask or wearing glasses is not good enough to see? Maybe you cant afford a car bu you need your treatment to live. It is very hard to get around everywhere you need to be. I personally know this how it is like and you dont have have your legs in good condition. I am sorry this is happening i have to hear horror stories some sad ones like yours and it break my heart to know. But seek a close friend for advice and emotional support. God bless you and good luck.

  • Eldora

    Iam married for 26 years and my husband said he doesn’t want to come to our house or me any more and he is say this all by texting. He said Iam not his wife anymore. He said he needs a change. Please help I don’t now what to do I love my husband very much. He doesn’t call or come home. He would come home every two weeks because he works in NC and we have a house in NC where is stays there during the week and come home every two weeks. Now he doesn’t come home like he use to. My email is [email protected]


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