6 Types of Boyfriends You Should Definitely Avoid

When you are really falling for a guy, it may be difficult for you to see him for who he truly is. You may think that he is the only one but beneath his good looks and charming ways of attraction, all types of red flags are popping up. Your friends might try to warn you about him, but you are way too sensitive about him.

Well, I am here to provide you the low down on all different kinds of men you will definitely come in contact within the dating world, and the ones who are not considered as boyfriend material.

So in case if you want to keep your feelings and emotions in control then you will find a perfect match for yourself sooner or later. Check out the following list of men that you need to avoid.

1.  The Playboy

Do you know a guy whose phone rings and buzzes every time you hang out with him? He may try to convince you by saying that it’s just his mom or his long lost cousin on the other end of the line, but deep down you know that it’s a girl. The player may try to hide his womanizing ways first. But slowly you will face problems that will automatically lead you to depression.

2.  The Commitment-Phobe

The commitment-phobe will clearly tell you that he is not looking for a serious and sound relationship and you need to believe him. There are a number of great guys out there that will prove a perfect match for you. Don’t waste your time with someone who is too broken to give a love shot. Whether he had a bad breakup or he is disturbed by his parent’s nasty divorce. The commitment-phobe will have a plethora of reasons why he cannot be your perfect partner. It is best to cut your losses sooner rather than later. Allow another girl to deal with his emotional disabilities.

3.  Workaholic

If the guy whom you like is employed than it is a plus point but if your partner spends a lot of time at work, then he is definitely a man you need to avoid. The workaholic will constantly bail out on dates to work overtime, and your conversations will probably revolve around business, finances, and other such subjects that are way too boring and will bound you to sleep. In other words, if working is his first priority then he is not looking to give you top billing in his life anytime soon.

4.  The Control Freak

If you don’t like being bossed around then don’t ever waste your time dating a control freak. Such type of person will try to urge you that you look better with red nail polish while your go do color is pink. He will insist you don’t wear high heels because they make you taller than him, and he will probably be bold enough to order your food for you at your favorite restaurant. You might think that a Control Freak guy is caring but in reality, he ain’t. Such type of people have deep-rooted issues that can potentially turn into major problems. Besides a control freak, won’t you like to date a person who loves you the way you are?

5.  The Gym Rat

One the other hand, there is also a kind of guy who is in shape and cares for his body and health. This thing is considered normal but on the other end of the spectrum, there is the gym rat who should be avoided at any cost. He will likely cook all of your food and all of your portions. Moreover, he will scold you if you even think about shoving a cupcake in your mouth. He may even tease you with your weight – forcing you to work out and he is definitely not cool.

6.  The Liar

In our daily life, we meet several situations in which we often lie. But there is a difference between a little white lie and a major one. Early on, in a relationship, you may catch your partner in little lies here and there, but your brush off as it is not a big deal. In due time, those tiny lies can cause huge damage to your relationship. A liar can’t be trusted, and you will always wonder if he is really telling you the truth. You suspicious will lead you to the snoop, which will lead you to find some incriminating evidence that will automatically result in ending up a relationship.

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4 thoughts on “6 Types of Boyfriends You Should Definitely Avoid

  • Sita

    Nice all I have read are happening to me. He left me after 38 yrs of marriage went back to his ex GF, after 3 yrs he came back . First he was great but after 4-6 mid his GF started calling him and asking him to get back and may be 2 x a month he goes and stay with her for 3-4 nights and the worst she has been living in his house after GF sold her house. Now he still calls me his wife but we don’t do things in bed as husband and wife.As he said, he is trying to be very nice to me but he still love his GF. What should I do?

    • Mary poppins

      Find a boyfriend who can spend ask his time v with you while your X had his affair
      with his xgf! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Jheda

    2 late 4 me to read😔


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