7 Step to a Happier Boyfriend

Love Language

Every person has a different style of showing love and a different idea of what love should feel like. The different languages of love can get confusing at times. Some people feel loved when they receive a gift. Others show love by giving a gift. Before gender is even taken in to consideration, there are a lot of options to consider in a relationship. There are, however, some universal strategies that seem to be successful. So, what can you do to make your boyfriend feel happier and loved? Let’s take a look at a few things that work for most people. Here are 7 steps we are going to explore and explain a little bit further.


No matter who he is, how proud, what his ego is like, or any other outside factors, just consider the fact that most people like compliments. Freely give your man compliments whenever you see something that deserves it. They don’t have to be earth shaking verses, just short and sweet and sincere.  He brings you a drink, “you are always so considerate, thank you for the drink.”

You can keep these as simple as possible and of course, you always have the option to expand on your compliments when the circumstance arises. Just remember, we all like a compliment here and there.


Does you partner work hard? Does he do things directly for you that he doesn’t have to do? Tell him how much you appreciate his efforts. It is known universally that an appreciated person will always do more than they need to. Unappreciated people end up not really wanting to try anymore. Appreciation should be a common feeling between you both. Work hard at remembering to give credit where credit is due.


One of the basic human needs is to be touched. Affection is a great way to meet this need. Holding hands, hugging, a light touch to the face, all of these work. Affection says I love you without any words plus meets a basic human need. Don’t hold back on affection, give it out freely.


Attention seems like it would be easy to give, but being diverted in our busy daily routine is the greatest downfall for this. With both partners possibly having separate jobs, friends, children, and even hobbies a lack of energy will be apparent. Taking the extra effort to sit with your partner and give him your undivided attention will be worth it. Put down your phone, ask about his day, tell him you love him, look him in the eyes, and watch his light come on.


No matter how hard the truth may be to hear, it’s always better than being lied to. Be honest with your partner at all times. In times of arguing and disagreements, stick with the truth. Don’t try to dodge things, be straightforward and truthful. In the end, honesty is always the best policy in a relationship. All trust relies on your being honest.

Give Him Space

We all need time alone and our own space, however, in a relationship this is often misinterpreted as rejection. In a safe, secure relationship, give him the space he needs.  If he wants to go out with friends, let him. If he wants to be on his computer undisturbed, it’s ok. Don’t smother your boyfriend. Let him breathe and have space, if things are going to go wrong, trying to keep control of him won’t help to save it. Let it go.

Don’t try to Change Him

Do you ever wonder what people are thinking when they try to change other people? Most of us can’t even change ourselves when we know we need to, how do we ever expect to change somebody else? If he has faults, you have a decision to make. Can you live with these things or not? Remember that you will not be able to change another person. Don’t even try. It will be a lesson in frustration and will end up ruining your relationship altogether.

Let’s Sum it Up

Being a loving partner is not so difficult to do. For a man, remember the things that are listed here. Give him compliments, show affection and appreciation and attention. Be honest, give him space, and don’t try to change him. Using these 7 tips won’t guarantee you a great relationship, but if you have a great one already, these things can help keep it that way.

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