Is it Real or an Illusion


An illusion can commonly be described as something you see as real, but isn’t; a deceptive appearance, a misperception of reality. Often times we find ourselves in the middle of an illusion that we think is real. Relationships can quickly become perceived as love and truth when in all actuality it is not at all what you think. The people that you meet may be intentionally deceptive or you might be imagining them to be something they aren’t by your own pre-perceived ideas. Either way, it can be an eye opening experience when you find yourself in this situation.

How did this Happen?

Social media is a great example of how illusions are formed. As you scroll down through any social media platform, you will see people that are putting out there what they want you to believe, that may or may not have anything to do with truth. Not only are you led to believe things that aren’t true, your imagination may add to the image you are drawing in your head. People tend to project thoughts and ideas onto others based on the way they look or the things they say. In the social media arena, there are times that even the picture of the person you’re looking at isn’t real, but just a generic picture found on the internet. At this point you are being misled into an illusion that someone else has actually created.

Falling in Love

You may find yourself falling in love with an illusion that someone else has set up for you. When this happens, don’t blame yourself. The illusionist has a history of deceit which normal people don’t expect. This person wants you to believe the goodness that they are showing you and they are really good at pulling this off.  The worst part about this person is that they almost always have ulterior motives. The motives could range from trying to get your personal information, hacking your accounts, or having a false relationship for their own entertainment. Sometimes you may never find out the purpose of the deception, but most times they want something from you.

Finding Truth

By the time you find yourself in a relationship with an illusionist, you may already be in deep with them. Love is in the air and your relationship feels mostly good, most of the time. This is where you have to look for faulty stories and pieces of the puzzle that don’t quite fit into place. Do not let them derail your attempts to get to the truth. If you suspect something isn’t right, it probably isn’t. Ask questions and keep pushing until there’s an answer. Remember, you are fighting for truth against someone who is trying to avoid it, it might be a rough road.

The Let Down

The worst part about being deceived at this level is that you may try to take blame yourself for not knowing. Remember that the liar has done this many times before and has lots of practice. Normal people don’t set out to betray another person with such falsehoods. Having a loving, trusting heart is a good thing. Having that heart destroyed by lies and half truths can cause immense pain. It’s more than being lied to, it is the entire illusion that is created both from the deceptive person and by your own heart.  Just because you were fooled, doesn’t mean you are foolish. Your pain is real and you deserved better.


It is ok to be wary of people when you meet them. You can’t know who is lying or telling the truth right off. Make trust your sacred oath to yourself and don’t give it away easily. Trust your guts, your intuition, notice things that make you feel funny. Your loyalty needs to be earned and so does your trust. Trust you.

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