90-Year-Old ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ Star Barbara Eden Admits She Doesn’t Act Her Age

Barbara Eden was born in Tucson to Alice Mary (née Franklin) and Hubert Henry Morehead on August 23, 1931.

Her mother, Alice divorced her father and got married to Harrison Connor Huffman, a telephone lineman. Alice took Eden with her to San Francisco and started a family with Huffman, it didn’t take long before Eden had a step-sister.

The family was going through a lot of financial crises and couldn’t afford the basics of living. Alice was always lightening the family’s mood by entertaining them by singing.

Eden always sang solos in her church choir, before she started earning $10 after she sang in local bands as a teenager.

Jeanie is an American actress, a singer, and a producer. She’s best known for her role as Jeanie in the Sitcom ”I Dreame of Jeanie.”

Eden didn’t make her way into fame, they were tough moments of her life and she didn’t hold back at letting the world know. She released her memoir ”Jeannie out of the bottle,'” on April 5, 2011.

The memoir topped the charts on New York best seller and list and it specifically contains about her personal life, 50 years in Hollywood, her lower days, and all worth not.

Her career started with being semiregular on the Johnny Carson show and also got featured on The West Point Story, Highway Patrol, Private Secretary, I Love Lucy, The Millionaire, Perry Mason, December Bride, Bachelor Father, The Virginia, Adventures in Paradise, and a list of others.

Talking about the Celebrity’s love life, she has been married to three men in the past. She first got married to Michael in 1958; and they welcomed their lucky charm baby in 1965, before going their separate ways in 1974. Mathew there only child together died of a drug overdose at the age of 34.

She found love for the second time in 1977 and divorced a few years after. Charles and Eden were married for five years before they called it quits. She was single for many years before she decided to tie the knot with Jon in 1991.

Jon is an architect and a real estate developer. The duo has been married until the present and they seem to be having the best moments of their life.

Barbara celebrated her 90 years birthday and she said she doesn’t feel like she has aged for a moment.

Barbara said, “I was very very lucky to like the job I chose. I feel sorry for people like my poor father who had to work every day at something he didn’t like. I enjoy my work. I still work.”

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