A 14-year old missing gamer found dead with his dog

Last week a dead body was found near a wooded area with a dog and it was revealed as the missing teenager from Corydon, Indiana who was reported missing.

Reports have it that the teenager left his home alongside his dog for a walk on September 21st. Jacob McCarty never made it home thereafter as reported by the Sheriff’s Office.

Harrison County Juvenile in their last investigation with Jeremiah James’ father pleads with the public to help him find his son as it has been over a week since his son went missing.

The authorities received information a week after the pair’s disappearance that someone saw him on Tuesday heading west along I-64 at around 5 p.m.

When the detectives viewed the security camera nearby confirmed he was headed towards the named direction. The detectives investing the new lead later found the bodies of Jacob and his German shepherd, Isabelle. His father was informed of the recent discovery immediately and he doesn’t know how to deal with the tragic news.

The detectives have no words to describe the tragedy, but they are hoping the autopsy reveals the cause of his death. They are also working with the hospital and everyone who might have seen to build their case.

In a video, Smith revealed to the authorities that Jacob had an online gaming presence before taking a walk with his dog and it’s speculated he met someone from online even though the police suspect no foul play.

Jeremiah has always talked to his son about online safety measures and always made him understand he was playing with kids of his age or close to it, hence has to be very careful.

You might never know how painful it is to suffer a loss until you witness it. This period is a trying time for all the people who have been involved in the life of James, especially his father. They need our prayers and support at this critical moment of their lives.

In a social media post, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office wrote, ‘We ask that each of you pray for Jacob’s father and all those involved in his life. This is a devastating time and a hard road that follows for Jacob’s loved ones.’

I hope that Jacob’s soul will rest in Peace and my thoughts and prayers are always with his family.

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