A little boy who survived 2 freezing consecutive nights says a bear helped him keep warm

Miracles happen each day in our lives, and whether we believe it or not; it never stops its occurrence. People that live very close to the wilderness, all always have issues with their little ones wandering off and leaving them high.

The Hathaway family was on the verge of losing their sanity after their three years old son wandered off into the woods and they were so scared for his life. The three-year-old got lost in the harsh winter of North Carolina and was found three years later alive and healthy.

For many others that went into the wilderness, there were always little chances of finding them alive.

The three-year-old miraculously came back unharmed and this has left people asking and thinking how he survived the cold weather and the wild beasts that might be lurking in the dark.

In January 2019, Little Casey was at his grandmother’s house in North Carolina. The three-year-old was playing with other kids in the backyard while his parents were inside the house. The other two kids went into the house and little Casey stayed back. His parents least were least worried as Casey was known to be a curious child and something kept him outside.

His grandmother sooner than later realized that Casey didn’t wander off to explore he was missing and nowhere to be found, she called the police immediately.

‘’He was walking in the woods back there and we can’t find him,’’ she told the 9-1-1 dispatcher. They didn’t waste a second before starting the search as the weather was quite harsh at that time of the year.

The first night of Casey missing the atmospheric temperature was at 20F and the next nights were followed by cold and rainfall. The weather situation was so bad that the search for Casey was called off. The family lost hope as the chances of him being alive were getting slimmer by the day.

The search continued by air with the use of drones, helicopters, divers, and K-9 units. After several nights, the rescue team responded to someone who heard a baby crying in the woods and he was found tangled up in some thorny bushes.

The baby was unharmed and all he wanted was his mother. Little Casey informed his family about how he was saved by the black bear. There are a lot of bears in North Carolina so meeting one isn’t a big deal, but determining the authenticity of the child’s claim doesn’t even matter as long as he’s safe and healthy.


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