Rachel Lindsay and Sidney Robyn

The famous TV show “Little House on the Prairie” is still one of my favorite TV shows I remember. The show thought us about moral values and lessons which we have completely ignored today.

All the characters in the series were very amazing and interesting. But the one which personally attracted me was Carrie Ingalls, who was the younger daughter of the Ingalls family. Carie was such a sweet and funny character that was played by two identical twins.

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The role of Carie was shared by both the twins Sidney and Lindsay Greenbush from 1974 till 1982. Both the twins have now turned to the age of 51 years. And now when we look at them we can see that Carie had turned into two beautiful women.

Rachel Lindsay and Sidney Robyn were born in Loss Angeles on 25th May 1970. Both the sisters were born with the acting blood running in their veins. Because their father had also been an American actor. He performed in the film “5 easy pictures” in 1971. Both the sisters used to hang out at different film locations with their dad.

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Their first role was shared as Jill Hayden in 1973 in the series name “Sunshine”. After that, both of them got roles in the “little house”. The series successfully was a hit when it aired for the very first time.

Rachel Lindsay told. Robyn actually fell because she had her shoes on the wrong feet. But Michael Landon ended up loving it. It was a natural accident and it became so treasured,” Robyn said ”I remember running down the hill & getting going too fast.

I fell & then when I got up I remember my Mom was standing by the camera trying to get me to run again & I thought to myself “Nu-uh, no way well just walk”.

I wouldn’t do it again & Rachel wouldn’t either, so since both takes had falls in them they decided to leave it that way. Who knows maybe that was the inspiration for America’s Funniest Home Video,”

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