A boy is bullied at Burger king and these customers reactions will leave you speechless

Bullying is very bad no matter who it’s directed to. There have been many lessons on bullying and how to act when you see someone getting bullied, but it seems many took the ”mind your business” quote so seriously.

A boy at burger wanted to quietly eat his meal, but not until a group of bullies decided to give the fifteen-year-old boy a hard time.

The most shocking revelation about this is how bystanders dealt with the issue.

The 15-year-old boy was about to eat in peace until one of the bigger boys pushed him off his seat. Many that were in the shop saw this and turned a blind eye to it.

The bullies say mean words to the boy, an elderly man looks at one of the burger king staff hoping he could do something but doesn’t do anything himself.

The bullies went as far as pouring drinks on the boy’s food and bystanders act like it’s none of their business and do not intervene.

By the look on the face of one of the customers, he’s not taking the harassment being meted out to the boy, but does he do anything about it. Clearly, No.

While the Burger King staff may not seem to notice, they do know what’s going on in the restaurant.

They decided to do something clever. They decide to serve a substandard to the people that ordered their famous Whooper.

They served a smashed Whooper to the bystanders and they seemed not to be having it.

A woman gets the smashed Whooper and passes the bullying scene like nothing of that sort was going on. She sees the bullied Whopper, which is certainly unacceptable to her.

Several adults walk towards the counter with their bullied Whooper as it’s certainly not what they ordered for. 

A manager arrives on-site and finds that the burger has indeed been squashed. Or actually, bullied. “Have you bullied this burger?” he asks a staff member. “Yes,” the staff member admits honestly.

The customers were confused at this point.

“If you had seen me bullying this burger, would you have said something about it?”, the staff member then asks several duped customers.

One of the men yells ”Yes.”

Out of the bystanders in the cafe, o my 12 percent spoke up about bullying the boy, while 95 percent were quick enough to rush to the counter to complain about a bullied Whooper.

It turned out that the guys in the burger king were actors, who tried to pass a message about bullying. Only by addressing bullying and not turning a blind eye can bullying stop. It was a lesson worth seeing.

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