A woman discovers her husband is living a double life after 40 years of marriage

Bobby and Cheryl have been living together for the past 40 years and many can call their marriage the perfect romance story.

Their marriage seemed so perfect from the outside, but it seems like it was never so from the inside as Bobby is hiding a piece of important information from Cheryl. Cheryl didn’t notice anything odd at first, but when she did everything changed.

After 40 Years Of Marriage – A Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Leading A Double Life

Cheryl woke up from sleep on a beautiful morning to start her day’s routine as Bobby seems to be still fast asleep.

Unexpectedly,  she heard a bang at the door. “I opened it slowly and saw the police standing there,” Cheryl told Humans of New York in an interview.

Cheryl has thought at first they were looking for a neighbor they tagged the crazy lady as they mistook her house for theirs as there’s no way in the world it could be her. The police occasionally checked in for the crazy lady so it wasn’t so new to them.

”At first, I wasn’t worried, but the moment I opened the door, twelve officers came barging past me,” Cheryl explained. Cheryl had no clue that at that very moment her life would be torn apart.

The officers dashed past Cheryl, she suddenly noticed their jackets had a big, bold print with “FBI” written on which no one could have missed.

She had no idea as to what was happening, so she followed them as they bombarded her home. Cheryl explained, “They went straight back to the bedroom, and walked up to Bobby.” She heard the officers ask, “What’s your name?” to which he replied, “Bobby Love.”

Cheryl at this moment was very nervous and didn’t even know what to do. At this moment she was shocked and went straight to Bobby to know what’s going on.  She heard the officers asking her husband his name and he answered Bobby love.

They then yelled, “No, what’s your real name?” and her husband responded in a whisper. The officers replied, “You’ve had a long run,” and before she could get hold of the situation the love of her life was in cuffs and as they were about leading Bobby out of the house, he told her “This goes way back, Cheryl. Back before I met you.”

It turned out his real name wasn’t Bobby, and he has committed lots of crimes in the past, ranging from robbery and being declared dead.

Cheryl felt she was been living a marriage of lies. She didn’t know what to do at this point, but she never stopped praying for her husband to regain freedom from his past.


He eventually did and the two reconnected in a way they never did before, they continued staying in love.

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