A cop has left a pregnant waitress in tears after she saw what he wrote on the bill

One of the demanding and most tiring jobs is working as a waitress and worst still working under these conditions at eight months pregnant.

Courtney English is a 23 years old waitress at Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey and is expecting her first child who’s at eight months.

Courtney Cadigan / Facebook

She was wearing a smile on her face while doing her shift, but it wasn’t for long. She couldn’t hold back tears from her eyes after she was what the cop wrote on his bill.

According to USA Today, Courtney’s dad Brian Cadigan said, “She’s a tough little girl.”

She is working so hard to be able to carter for the birth of her child.

She went to work on a Friday where she served a local Voorhees County police officer.

Like she always does, she served him with a smile on her face, where they engaged in a little conversation.


His bill comes to $8.75, but what he writes on the bill leaves Courtney in tears.

This isn’t the first timev a customer is a living a tip for her, it’s not even the amount that got her emotional, it’s the write-up on the bill.

He wrote, Enjoy ur 1st. You will never forget it.”

He left a tip of $100 for her.

Dad Brian said, “It was from the heart. It touched her, there have been plenty of situations where she got a nice tip, but just the little remark was what got her.”

Her dad was the one that shared the story on Facebook and it didn’t take long before it went viral. People can’t stop talking about the cop’s kind gesture.

It all shows that there’s still good in people and even though there is a lot of bad news there’s still hope for mankind.

We wish Courtney a safe delivery and we hope that she’s doing great.

We hope that you share this story with people and let goodness continue to thrive.

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