A family after 23 years discovers why their mother never came home

A mother of five children suddenly disappeared from the family and no one knows about her whereabouts. All efforts by the family to find her had no yield until the husband made a journey 23 years later and found a shocking discovery.

Out of the five kids, the last one moved out of the house as others were in college. The father thought it was a nice time to go on a holding After 23 years of trying to raise the kids and now he can see a little more of life

After 23 years of losing his wife and supporting the family all by himself, he deserves a holiday and a nice treat too.

The mom has always been there to support the family, her absence was a major challenge and it took some time for things to be able to get back to normal. The worst is no one is in the best capacity to know what happened to her or where she was.

Henry just said goodbye to his youngest son as he goes to college, as he’s now alone, he thinks it’s a nice time for a holiday as he has been occupied with the children.

After Lucy disappeared into the thin air, he singlehandedly raised the children and it hasn’t been so easy for him, he barely had time for himself.

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”Will I ever see my great love again?” he asked himself while looking at an old picture they took together. It has been years, but he still misses his wife so much.

Henry still remembers the day he lost his soulmate vividly, he came back from work and she wasn’t there to welcome him as usual with a glass of beer after which they spent a great deal of their time talking.

Henry decided to travel to lake Como in Italy as that’s where he spent time with Lucy months before her disappearance.

He got there, lodged in some nice place, and was walking through the street when he perceived a unique and peculiar sent from a window.

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It smelt like his wife’s apple pie and no one knew how to make them except Lucy’s family. He came closer and saw a young girl by the window who seems to be making the pie and asked who taught her how to make the pie.

She was hesitant at first to spill anything to him, but when he told how he knew Lucy, she was surprised that she knew Lucy and directed him to her cottage..

It was a hard moment for Henry as he walked in and met his lost soulmate. He was short of words, he had emotions mixed with anger and love. So she has been alive all this while and never tried to reach out.


Turned out she left because she got pregnant during their vacation in lake Como. It all happened so fast that she didn’t want to burden the family with a bastard child and had no other option than to go back to the father.

Henry didn’t hesitate and took her back as the child’s father took him immediately after he was born. The kids took time before welcoming Lucy into their life as she left when they were very small.

It’s been a whopping 23 years apart from the kids, and now they are rebuilding their lives as one big family.

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