Look at this amazing 2 year old baby after hist parents decided he must be born

Pregnancy will always remain one of the most beautiful things, especially for new couples. It can get stressful especially in the process of trying to be healthy in other to have a healthy and bouncing baby.

Most times, they can’t wait for the fruit of their love and they are always getting ready expecting what their baby will come into the world to meet them.

This picture of an amazing two-year-old baby will melt your heart

It was the same for this newly wedded couple. They went to an ultrasound to see their bundle of joy and it turned out that there were complications which could be better for the baby to the aborted.

Sara and Chris through the ultrasound sound found out their baby had bilateral cleft lip and palate, which will cause him a lot of health issues. They didn’t consider abortion and wanted their baby to be born.

No matter what he looked like, children are blessings from and should be accepted in whatever form they came. He was born normally like every other child and he didn’t require any extra special care, Cleft lips and palates can make everyday life difficult, as it can be more difficult to eat, drink or even breathe.

According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, about 2600-2700 children are born annually with a cleft lip and 4450 children are born with cleft lip with or without the cleft palate.

Sara got a lot of malicious messages because of Brody’s condition, but she didn’t allow it to get to her. She believes her son wants her to be strong for him and she won’t let the messages of people laughing at her get to her.

She showed the message to other people facing the same problem and reminded them to be strong for their kids.

Sara got to face a lot of malicious messages from bad people, but some nice people always dropped words of encouragement for her, and a man she met in a restaurant offered her $ 1,000 to help Brody.

Brody managed to have surgery and it was very successful. He has recovered and doing perfectly great. His parents think he might undergo under surgeries in the future, but they are satisfied with the results so far.

Sara and Chris have continued to get much support from the community and locales. Many are wishing Brody safe health and upbringing.

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