Andre the Giant: Net worth, career, weight and true height

There are so many sports players and atheles who’s iconic performance leaves a footprint behind them. Andre the Giant is the one superior above all.

His full name is Born André René Roussimoff born on 19 May 1946. He was a professional wrestler conquering the world of wrestling industry. Andre was a giant and was always described for big things.

He was born with acromegaly condition which led to gigantism that helped him to grow 7 feet tallndAnd he weighed upto 236kg during his wrestling career. When he was 18 he met a local wrestling promoter Robert Lageat who looked the real wrestler in him.

At that time Andre used to do practice at night and job at the day. After proper practice he performed in many different countries like Japan, Newzeland, United kingdom and Germany.

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But basically it was Canada where he was a huge hit. It was made the responsibility of McMahon Sr.. who not only made Andre a perfect wrestler but also made him realize that he was a star now.

Andre became so popular. All his friends were impressed and inspired by him. Andre had the power to do things which someone else can’t. His friend rememorised him an old tweet.

28yrs ago Andre passed, my big brother, he taught me respect for our business and also taught me how to work using my instincts and my connection with the crowd.

His timing was perfect and made me understand the greatest matches are the ones that u don’t talk about beforehandRIPHH”.Andre was a lover of beer and when he hold a small can in his Giant hands, the can used to look fake. One of his friend assumed that Andre drunk 119 12-ounce beers in one session.

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Many reports said that he used to drink to overcome the pain which he was suffering due to his health.

He had many health problems and unfortunately he passed away in Paris at the age of 46 in 1993.

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