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Waking up each day to behold a beautiful morning is sure a blessing. I knew how special and short each day of my life is, and I always try to make the best out of it.

The best way to piss me off is to ruin my morning. Every new day of my life, the past few weeks have been spent on being happy and sharing happiness with others..

I have a few weeks to live, and I am gone; the main reason I have to live each day of my life is my last. I want to leave a beautiful memory of me while I am gone.

I have gone through many surgical needles, and the doctors said they couldn’t do more any longer.

I am a teenager who is suffering from leukemia and also has traces of ovarian cancer. Many thoughts can be running through your mind how I got such diseases, but it is all part of my story.

I never knew how and when it started until I woke up on the hospital bed. Memories of the previous nights flashed through my head.

I was running after mom as she finally separated from dad; it was dark, and I was pleading with her to stay with me. A cab stopped by, and she entered it and zoomed off.

I was crying when I heard movements behind me. It was past curfew time, and I was the only one outside the street. I ran until four masculine guys caught with me and had their way with me.

I passed out in the process; through the test carried out on me; they found out that the cancers have already eaten deep into my body system, and nothing could be done.

I take my mornings so special that I don’t know if I might see the next; the sole reason I treasure it so much.

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