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A sister is a perfect example of a best friend

If you have a sister whom you move along with very well, count yourself the luckiest person on earth.

If there was anything my mom always talked about when I was growing up; it was the girl’s code.

My sister is my best friend and second mom. I bet there is no one crazier than us in the whole world. Imagine having a sister people think is your twin because the striking resemblance, physically and also character-wise.

Why won’t one think of us as twins when he is my senior by just a year and a few months. We always love celebrating our birthdays together.

My sister is a perfect example of a best friend and my all; she always has my back.

My childhood was quite crazy and fun-filled all because of her. We can’t go a day without putting anyone who tries to mess with us in their place. She is the strongest, and I am better at masterminding what to do to anyone who messes with us.

My parents had to change our schools due to the numerous reports they get from school.

I can remember applying glues to the seat of a guy who insulted my sister. The funniest thing about it was that I was never caught, or should I talk about the times we beat up boys because they called us weak gender.

My childhood was great because of my sister. She is my best friend and confidant, my blood, and a more prominent reflection of me.

Distance separated us, but it never changed the bond we share; once a best friend always a best friend.

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