Daily Quotes

A Hug in a Mug

My lovely family and dearest friends. I send you hugs and a whole lot of love. I wish for you a special time to rest, a whole lot of peace and all things that bring comfort to your heart.

In trying times, we get so consumed with what is going on around us and we forget to remember that our own needs are so important too.

Take time for yourself to relax, we all are deserving of our own time, a time and a place to make yourself a priority, a time to slow down, a time to rest.

It’s been a trying time, months of hardship and worry. Take a deep breath and let it all go. Give yourself some space and allow yourself the time to recharge. Try to put aside what is going on around you and be filled with the blessings in front of you.

Everything you have, all you’ve been given is a gift. Embrace in the moment and enjoy the day. Life is such a special gift, slow down and enjoy it. May you and yours be blessed.

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