You can’t close heart to what they don’t want to feel

One can close their eyes to the things they don’t want to see but can’t close their heart to what they don’t want to feel.

Most times we feel ourselves moving in a direction we never expected and no matter how we want to pull out of those situations; our feelings keep controlling us.

Be in total control of your life; don’t let your emotions be the determinant or judge of your actions. Let your experiences and senses be your guide when making decisions and living your life.

Actions carried out of emotions and feelings can ruin your life and a reputation that took you years to build.

When I was still in the labor market; I can remember missing a six-figure paying job because of my lackadaisical attitude.

I was on my way to the interview’s office when a young lady stepped on me; I was having a bad day and lashed out o her. It didn’t make me feel better or change the deed; I let my emotions get the better part of me.

On getting to the interview venue; it was yet to start as they were all waiting for the boss to step in. I was still busy on my smartphone when I heard footsteps behind me; it was the same woman who stepped on me.

I already have it at the back of mind that she is either one of the interviewers, not the boss but not until she was introduced to us as the CEO.

I was qualified for the job but I wasn’t hired on the grounds of what happened earlier; they can’t hire someone who can’t control their emotions.

Control your life; don’t let your emotions control you.

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