Don’t lose your sanity because of someone

You cannot fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed but you can ruin your life trying.

The saying that our company affects us more than we can ever imagine; you might try to deny it at first but along the way, you will notice how much you have changed into the personality you detest so much.

Sometimes we end up with toxic friends or partners; we might have that zeal to change them for the better to make them see light and peace in everything they do but most times we end up losing our sanity and calmness in the process.

The actions of people around us involuntarily change us; if you find yourself in an environment where violence is always the resolve instead of dialogue there’s no way you wouldn’t find yourself resorting to violence; likewise the kind of friends you have.

When we walk into those kinds of relationships hoping to fix them and lead them to a better life; it affects one a lot especially when the person that you want to help doesn’t need it. The aftermath is always to be drawn down to his or her level or leave.

I have seen a once quiet person turn violent because he got himself involved with a toxic friend. He wanted to be her peace and calmness but he ended up losing himself in the process.

If it’s not working out you have every chance to leave before it gets too messy; you can lose yourself in the process of trying to help someone who doesn’t want to fix him/ herself. 

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