Daily Quotes

The two sides of a coin

Accept both compliments and criticism; it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow.

There are two sides to every coin and they contributed to making it whole.

There are always two contradicting sides of life and no matter how bad it may seem they all help us to become a better person.

My life has never been better but I’m happy for the turns it took; it helped me become stronger and a better person.

There will always be better days and there will always be days you wish to end it all but they are always there to teach a lesson and shape your life into someone better.

I can remember the nights I had nothing to feed on; I slept on an empty stomach with my kids. Life wasn’t fair to us and we learned to manage and make do with anything that comes our way.

Along the way my husband left me for another woman; people called me names for not keeping my husband. The same people I thought they have my back ridiculed me and called me names; I was forced to be determined and strive harder.

I started working with my high school certificate as a nanny; I used the little I had to further my studies and take care of my kids.

I’m now an economics graduate and currently working in a firm and working towards having my brand. My life couldn’t have gone better if not for the bad days that pushed me to work harder and create the future and paradise I want.

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