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Know your worth

One of the greatest lessons you can ever pass to your child is to know his/ her worth. There are times people will tend to treat you like trash crush on your emotions and could come back trying to play reverse psychology on you.

There are times you will be hurting and you could still be labeled as the offender; in those situations always remember your worth and raise your bars so high that no one can ever come close again.

I was once in love and paid no attention to whatever the world had to say; I was happy and that’s all that mattered.

No matter whatever I heard about him I never believed what people had to say about him; I loved him and that’s it. We were getting ready to tie the knot in a few months which was after my graduation.

Everything was perfect until my womanly instincts start playing on me. I was never an insecure lover but I knew something kept pushing me to check if my fiancé was faithful to me or he was what I have always heard from people.

I got to his house and he wasn’t around which is very unusual as he always gives me a heads up if he’s heading out. I had the spare key and made myself comfortable.

He had this look I couldn’t place my hands on but I didn’t want to go further. As I was going through his phone when he was using the shower I saw the biggest shock of my life.

My husband to be was cheating on me just a few months before our wedding; I confronted him about him and he decided to change.

He never did; he always played the victim whenever I mentioned his cheating escapades. His favorite line is ‘a man has needs’.

I felt my feelings taken for granted and trashed; I called off the wedding he degraded my worth and I walked out on him amidst the name-calling from the world.

I was called a bad woman for not keeping him; I was the one cheated on but I’m the one seen as the offender; I know my worth and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise.

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