A member of the former first lady’s family dies at age 86

Heartbroken news of the death of a significant family member was communicated by a beloved former First Lady of the United States, leaving hearts heavy with grief. An 86-year-old member of their family has passed away. The erstwhile First Lady expressed her deep sorrow on social media.

Michelle Obama, the adored former First Lady of the United States, broke the devastating news of her mother’s passing, leaving hearts heavy with sadness.

Marian Robinson, an Obama family favourite, departed from this life at the age of 86. Michelle expressed her deep sorrow on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter. Michelle called her mother her “rock” and a never-ending source of support in her touching letter.

She underlined that Marian was a constant presence for the whole household, not just her close family. As Michelle wrote, “We are heartbroken to share she passed away today,” it was clear how deeply they were grieving.

Marian’s extraordinary life was honoured, and Michelle offered a joint family statement. They considered her wisdom and her capacity to capture the essence of life in a few succinct phrases in it. Marian had many favourite sayings, some of which were: Don’t worry about the little things. “Recognise what is really valuable.” “You are not raising babies as a parent; you are raising little people.” “Stop worrying about what other people think of you. Return home. You’ll always be welcomed here.

Marian’s presence throughout the family’s stay at the White House was also acknowledged in the statement. She was important in helping Michelle and Barack Obama during their eight years in government. Her great affection and dedication were shown by her readiness to relocate to the White House in order to be present for her grandchildren.

Along with her other grandchildren, Avery, Leslie, Austin, and Aaron, Marian enjoyed being a grandma to Malia and Sasha. Even though she had more freedom from the duties of parenthood, she always maintained a firm yet gentle balance. In a sweet comment, she said that she frequently agreed with her “grandbabies” when it came to guidelines established by their parents.

The family reported that on May 31, Marian died quietly in the morning. They emphasised that everyone would feel her departure greatly and acknowledged the difficulties they would have going on without her.

Marian Robinson lived a life that was an example of love, discernment, and steadfast support. Although her absence will be greatly felt, those who knew her will always carry her memory in their hearts.

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