Meghan Markle laments that her children are “no longer” newborns; her miscarriage was devastating

Together with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and his spouse have a fantastic home and two adorable children.

Their daughter Lilibet was born after the family relocated to the US, but their firstborn Archie was brought into the world in the UK when the Sussexes were still prominent members of the Royal Family. In his book Spare, Harry shared a great deal of information on his brood.

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First and foremost, he remembered the days of their birth and talked eloquently about the love and happiness that come with becoming a father. Regretfully, Charles and Meghan have also experienced heartache; approximately four years ago, Meghan experienced a miscarriage.

As Archie and Lilibet have negotiated their early years, royal lovers have followed with curiosity. While they were apart from their parents during the three-day tour of Nigeria a few weeks ago, they might eventually go with them.

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It goes without saying that Harry and Meghan, like any other parent, sincerely miss their kids when they are gone. However, it seems that Meghan is depressed not just because she is separated from her kids but also because they are no longer infants.

Harry and Meghan formally announced the end of their royal career on March 31, 2020. Worldwide admirers were taken aback by the couple’s choice to renounce the monarchy. The Sussexes have been known to frequently highlight supposed flaws in the Royal Family, including as Meghan’s alleged challenges in joining the Firm.


Elizabeth was born around a year before Harry and Meghan had a tragic event. Meghan became pregnant once more in 2020, but sadly, she lost the child.

Meghan described how she experienced a strong pain and was admitted to the hospital in a personal article published four months later. “I was lying in a hospital bed, clutching my husband’s hand, hours later. I kissed his knuckles, which were moist from our shared tears, and felt the clamminess of his hand. Glazing my eyes, I stared at the icy white walls. I made an effort to picture our recovery.


Carrying an almost unimaginable pain is what it means to lose a kid, Meghan wrote. Four years later, the wounds are still present. Since the anniversary of her miscarriage is approaching this time of year, a source told OK! Magazine that Meghan is inevitably depressed.

“It’s not in our immediate future, which is fortunate given our children’s age, but I’m also afraid of how things will change going forward and what lies ahead of us,” she remarked.

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In August, Archie is scheduled to start kindergarten, and Lilibet is preparing for preschool. The Duchess will have more time to devote to her career, especially American Riviera Orchard, her lifestyle brand that she started a few months ago.

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