A photo of a family seating on a bench has gone viral after people noticed something creepy about it

Optical illusions aren’t a rare phenomenon. Our eyes can choose to play tricks on us and no matter how we try to decipher what’s going on, we never seem to get it.

These tricks can come in a change of size, shape, or form. A picture can get so tricky that we often classify it as creepy. This is the case of this family picture.

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This picture has left much thinking if their brain was abandoning them or it was just the sense of vision playing games on us.

It might seem like a puzzle they say, but it all boils down to training our brain to be more observant and quick to understand.

This innocent family photo taken on a bright beautiful day has gone viral for just one reason. The picture wasn’t adding up and many believe that might be someone else in the picture that’s just not so visible. Creepy right???!!

Have you looked at the picture, don’t concentrate on their smiling beautiful faces, what else can you see?

It has been quite easier for kids to identify what’s wrong in the picture but did adults it quite takes a lot of time and when they finally do, it all seems like a puzzle.

Here’s what has left many people in awe and made the picture go viral. Looking at the smallest girl sitting by the left smiling and taking a pose, she looks so beautiful. Next took a look at the hand on her shoulder.

Next check for everyone’s else hand in the picture and try to sort out the puzzle.

You can’t say it’s the father, because his hands can’t go too long to hold the little girl, not the mother as well as she’s holding the baby while the older girl has her hands on her laps. It’s so bizarre.

Who does the hand belong to? Have you given it a thought? If there’s someone we can’t see in the picture, this gets creepier by merely thinking about it.

Many think it’s a supernatural picture, some believe the original picture has been tampered with and it’s Photoshop, but what will someone gain from this deception?

It’s just not adding up. Is this a form of optical illusion or it’s just a phenomenon we might never get to understand What do you think? We will like to hear your opinion in the comment section.

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