All you need to know about Eric Christian Olsen from ‘NCIS Los Angeles’

After starring on NCIS Los Angeles, Eric Christian has turned into a star and has managed to be on the show for 12 years.

Eric Christian was born in Eugene, Oregon on May 31, 1977. Eric’s father worked as an English professor and told Eric stories at home, so it was no news when he started liking storytelling as a child.

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Eric as a child wasn’t gullible and was always fast enough to speak up on anything he wasn’t comfortable with.

“If he didn’t like something, like a class or lessons, he figured out how to get the teacher to say, ‘I think you should pull him out of this,’” his mother told the entertainment industry.

His mother Jeanne didn’t know Olsen had musical talent and when he tools the stage in a school musical in his fourth grade, it was a shock to everyone.

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“I didn’t know he could sing. And he comes out on the stage, and I’m so nervous. And he turns around and faces the audience, and he puts his arms out, and he starts to sing,” she said.

“I stood there with my mouth open because of his presence. And he wasn’t scared, he wasn’t nervous at all.

“His dad said to him, ‘If you’re a little nervous, that’s a good thing because that makes you better.’ And he got off the stage later and said, ‘I was really nervous, then I wasn’t nervous.’ He was just a natural. That’s when I knew there was something special about this kid.”

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Eric fell in love with acting while studying at Pepperdine. “All those movies I did between ’98 and 2007, I was at the same time kind of juggling school.

The reason that I finished, people kept saying, ‘Why are you continuing to go through school? You’ve done these movies, you’ve done this television, just forget about it.’ The reason I didn’t is because I think it’s probably the most important thing that we can do,” Olsen explained.

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Eric Christian got on the Television series NCIS Los Angeles in 2010 and became a star overnight.

I get to work with, you know, everybody talks about, you do a movie, and you go away, you’re with these people, and then it’s over,” he explained.


“It’s like a summer vacation. But on NCIS, we shoot for ten months out of the year, 60 to 70 hours a week. It’s really like a family. You’re stuck with these people, regardless of whether you love them or not. Everybody says this, but we really did get lucky.”

According to Celebrity Networth, Eric is speculated to be worth over $13 Million. Eric got married to Sarah Wright in 2012 and welcomed their first child a year later.

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Eric over the years has left his fans in awe of his recent transformation. He has spent a considerable amount of time in the gym and the results are extraordinary.

“One of the benefits of heavy workouts during the pandemic is that you have the strength to huck your children higher into the sky…

And that’s really the end goal of conscientious parenting, is it not?” Olsen posted on Instagram, alongside a picture of him and his second daughter Esme.

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