Black Couple Fosters a White Boy that No One Wanted to Adopt, Learning Love Has No Color

A 12-year-old foster child has finally found his or her forever family. His best friend’s family decided to adopt him after his second adoption did not matter.

Andrew, a 12-year-old foster boy who had been in foster care for roughly six years, was adopted by a Tennessee family in 2018.

The compassionate couple, Kevn and Domnque Gll, explained in an interview with Today that when Andrew’s parents’ parental rights were terminated, the little boy’s four siblings were adopted.

Andrew was left alone to wait for his forever home after his siblings were adopted. The little child finally had a chance at happiness after spending several years in foster care, thanks to Kevn and Domnque, who fostered him.While the pair expected Andrew to be happy, he had the exact opposite reaction throughout his first week.

Domnque explained that the ten-year-old youngster was reclusive and would spend much of his time in his room with the door shut.Andrew would always yell at the couple and push them away.

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Kevn and Domnque, on the other hand, were aware of the child’s ordeal and decided not to give up on him. They showed him all the love and attention he required to feel at ease.Andrew established a good relationship with the paar’s kid, Joc, in addition to the love and care he received from the couple.

The two youngsters had a number of interests, including a passion for video games, particularly Minecraft.Andrew and Joc were also big fans of Pop-Tarts. That sparked the friendship that would eventually lead to the foster youngster finding his forever home and family.


Andrew left the Glls family after spending more than a year with them, but he and Joc remained friends. Domnque and Kevn had no intention of adopting a child, so they decided to assist Andrew in finding his new family.

However, when the boy’s second adoption fell through, Kevn and Domnque realised Andrew was theirs. Andrew received the shock of his life one day.When he turned back to see familiar folks holding signs and balloons, he was walking through the park with Youth Villages Counselor Molly Parker.

The Glls family then asked Andrew if he wanted to become a member of the family, and Andrew accepted without hesitation.The boy was grateful to the Glls family for accepting him rather than rejecting him.

When people read Andrew’s fle, Domnque told Today that they were often scared away, but she knew he was a wonderful kid who had been through a lot of suffering.

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