A royal specialist warns of “bullying” against Kate Middleton following a picture error, citing her “fragile” and under a lot of stress

Following the confirmation that the most recent portrait of the Princess of Wales and her kids was Photoshopped, Kate Middleton and the royal family find themselves in a very difficult situation.

Conspiracy theories over Kate’s true condition are multiplying by the minute, and a number of news outlets have chosen to remove the picture from their websites.

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Kate, meanwhile, issued an apology for altering the photo of herself and her kids, and on Monday, she was seen driving out of Windsor with William. But not everyone is certain that it was indeed her, given all the drama surrounding the altered photo.

Experts have recommended Kate Middleton to rest and take it easy as she heals from her “planned abdominal surgery,” but the drama surrounding the most recent photo has caused the princess a great deal of anxiety. Now, a royal specialist is warning Kate, saying that disobeying might have disastrous implications.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and Kensington Palace finally shared an image of Kate. In light of the scheduled abdominal surgery she had in January, many people have been wondering how she is doing. After that, conspiracy theories about her safety have flooded almost every social media platform.

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The royal reporter went on, “Remember, prior to selling the rights to that picture, a lot of those specific agencies have been searching for mistakes for years.” William and Catherine have gotten around it by creating their own image. It may now be necessary for them to go back, if only for the next images, in order to allay any accusations of misdemeanor-related behaviour. There will be chaos for some time.

Furthermore, according to Neil Sean, the major news organisations, including AP and Getty, deleted the photo only because they were “trying to bully” Kate into providing them with additional information about her condition.

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“I believe Catherine and the group sincerely believed that by posting a photo on Mother’s Day, people would stop asking questions about where she is, why she isn’t speaking, and other similar concerns.” And what transpired was that after assembling the image, they decided to “clean it up” and “make it look a little bit fresher.” The greatest thing the Prince and Princess of Wales could do at this point, he said, is to produce a video making light of the photo error. “And now suddenly you’ve got a furor,” he said.

Since mid-January, Kate Middleton has been recuperating from her stomach surgery. When her rehabilitation progressed, numerous specialists offered their advice on how she may return to royal duty in the most effective manner. The original announcement stated that she wouldn’t return to her duties until after Easter.

She needed to avoid worrying about going back to her royal duties, but she also needed to rest so that her stitches could heal properly.

Sadly, despite being removed from the events, royal analyst Jennie Bond asserts that Kate is now “under intense pressure” and faces the possibility of “bullying” in light of everything that has been going on.

Kate looks to be seated next to William in a car as it leaves Windsor, according to a photo published by the Daily Mail on Monday. She was reportedly heading to an appointment that was “private.” However, Bond says that after everything that has occurred, people will now criticise Kate anytime she is seen in public.

“There is now twice as much pressure as before. She appears to be in a vulnerable physical and mental state. Jennie Bond said to GB News, “We ought to fire her.

“I do believe we run the risk of harassing a woman who is recuperating from a really major surgery. I wonder what she must be thinking about this morning. utterly miserable. This argument, in my opinion, definitely ruined her Mother’s Day.

The royal expert continued, saying it was evident from the photo of her and William sitting in the car that she “didn’t look that happy.”

We’ll have to wait and watch if she smiles once more.

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