After a dad found out his daughter has been bullying a girl, he decided to give the girl his daughter’s best treat

Most times when you tell a parent how rude and disrespectful their kids can get, they always deny such allegations on the grounds their kids aren’t that. Some might go up to the extent of fighting verbally with you.

Some parents were an exception example, Randy, he is always against his kids being disrespectful or being the source of pain for other children. 

When he found out his daughter Re’Onna was bullying another child, he was very disturbed and sought a way to stop the act. He wanted to teach his daughter a lesson she can never forget in a hurry.

Randy when he was a kid suffered bullying and it hurt him the most that his daughter was bullying someone.

Randy knew he had to give his daughter a suitable punishment and he went on to do something that he kept on receiving praises for.

He had to find out something his daughter liked and keyed on it.

His daughter was a shopping lover and she could prefer food being taken away from her than her shopping. Randy has been saving up for a while in other to take Re’Onna on a shop shopping spree.

When he found out her little girl was a bully he was doubting if he was still going to do that for her and she doesn’t deserve it all. 

He had other plans and that’s to spend the whole money on the girl his daughter was bullying, Ryan.

When Re’Onna she was really angry and wanted to go crazy. She was struck by the turnout of events, and she started having a rethinking about her actions and found out her dad was right anyway.

Ryan was going through the worst phase of her life and  Re’Onna made the whole situation worse by always saddening her. She lost her father, grandfather, and aunt recently, and it has left her saddened over time.

She was depressed and didn’t know how to express herself or who to talk to about her plight and the bullying worsened it all.

When Ryan’s mom found out her little girl was being bullied, she was hesitant to speak out as she didn’t know the kind of people Re’Onna’s parents were, whether they were going to believe her or make excuses for their child.

The shopping spree went on nice while it lasted as Re’Onna got to be a witness of all that was bought for Ryan without her getting anything, and she realized her mistakes. The duo later became friends.

Many can’t stop commending the efforts of Randy and he has won the award of the best parent of the year in the hearts of many.  

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