After getting a facial transformation, Jennifer Grey looks invisible

Jennifer Grey was born in New York, in the 1960s. Her father, Joel Grey worked as a singer, an actor, a photographer, and a director, so it wasn’t surprising that Jennifer decided to take on a career in the entertainment industry.

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In 1978 graduating from Dalton School after studying dance and acting she started searching for acting gigs and managed to land a few in TV commercials.

In 1984 she made her film debut in the movie “Reckless.” She had her breakthrough after starring in the movie “Dirty Dancing,” as Frances “Baby” Houseman. She got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.

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Her success was short-lived especially after going through a very hard ordeal.

Jennifer Grey was living with her boyfriend Mathew Broderick in Ireland and they got involved in an accident.

Broderick was driving on the wrong side of the road and crashed into another vehicle consisting of a mother and child. The duo died on the spot of the accident.

Jennifer Grey only suffered minor cuts and bruises while Broderick was charged with careless driving.

Days after the accident, Dirty Dancing was premiered and the success was massive, but Jennifer Grey couldn’t enjoy it.

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Grey said, as per the Daily Mirror, “The juxtaposition of that deep sorrow, the survivor’s guilt, and then being celebrated as the new big thing just didn’t jibe. It didn’t feel good to be the toast of the town.”

She took some time away from the big screens and only came back in 1995 in the movie “Friends,” but she was already looking very different because of her nose job.

She said in 2012, “I went in the operating theatre a celebrity and come out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible. It was the nose job from hell. I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognises because of a nose job.”

She felt invisible after getting a facial transformation and people often referred to it as the “nose job from hell.”

She decided to come back to Hollywood like she never left and won the TV show Dancing with the Stars and that was one of the greatest decisions she ever took.

Jennifer Grey told People, “It’s like I’ve starved myself because of what people could think about me. This is like eating a delicious steak after having been on a diet for 23 years.”


It is great that Jennifer Grey decided to head back to the big screens after going through that sad phase of her life. We are happy she never lost her passion for acting and doing exceptionally well.

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