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Janice Dickinson was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 15, 1955. She didn’t grow up in a normal family setting and was often bewildered by how things were.

Dickinson recalled, “My dad was Scots-Irish, my mum was 100% Polish and I was the middle child of three girls. My mother was a nurse and she worked very hard, my father was in the navy.

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We moved from Brooklyn to Hollywood, Florida. My dad was a rageaholic, a s***-kickin’ Texan. He had a bit of a temper but on the other hand, he was funny, tall, and strong.”

She always thought her family was dysfunctional and didn’t have the best childhood either.

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She recalled, “I loved growing up, and I didn’t, I don’t want to bring you down, I am an Alpha female, so I was told by my dad, the cowboy, that I should have been born a man.
I was looking at him at three years old, thinking, why is my dad telling me I should have been born a guy? So I thought maybe I should act like a boy. I began to surf, do karate and go swimming. That’s why I have these amazing guns. I still do yoga every day.”

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She continued: “My mum didn’t know what to do with me. I was in a Catholic school where the nuns were beating me and my dad was beating me at home because I had a big mouth. I was even beaten by my ballet teacher, I was trying to do the poses but I was talking the whole time. They hit you back then. They just smacked you around. If I saw the nuns today I would punch them right back.”

At the age of 15 she decided to pursue a career in modeling and to some she wasn’t going to make it because of her figure but in the end, she proved them all wrong.

Dickinson recalled her modeling journey, “Getting the door slammed in my face at every appointment: ‘Sorry. Your face isn’t the right shape to sell magazines.’ ‘Sorry. You’re way too ethnic.’ ‘Excuse me. You don’t serve our purposes.’ ‘You’ll never make it in this town. You’ll never make it, period.”’

She didn’t give up on her dreams and went on to become one of the most prominent models in the world.

Janice Dickinson opened up about her plastic surgery journey. She owned up to having done facelifts, a tummy tuck, neck lift, breast job, Botox, and liposuction.

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Dr. Anthony Youn, a celebrity plastic surgeon told Radar Online that Janice has done lots of surgeries.

“Janice has made no bones about how much plastic surgery she’s had. The self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel has even undergone some procedures on reality TV. You name it,she appears to have had it.

I believe she’s undergone pretty much every facial plastic surgery there is, including a facelift, eyelid lift, lip injections, Botox, fat injections, and a brow lift. She’s probably single-handedly paid for her plastic surgeon’s house!

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