After King Charles’ death, Prince Harry will publish a new book, an expert claims in a shocking assertion

Prince Harry attended the coronation of King Charles last year, even though he was no longer a member of the Firm. It was a momentous day for the royal family.

Prince William, the queen’s son, is now the next in line of succession. The monarch had studied under his mother for many years prior to ascending to the throne. Operation Menai Bridge is a plan for the day Charles goes away, even though it is unlikely that he will govern for very long.

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In addition to his numerous royal responsibilities, King Charles’s reign has frequently revolved on his son’s estrangement from him on the other side of the Atlantic. The monarch is reportedly keen to patch things up and has plans to see his son, Meghan, his daughter-in-law, and his grandkids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, in the US. However, the relationship with Prince Harry is over.

Harry gave King Charles harsh criticism in the Spare book. However, it’s possible that the Duke may continue to divulge information about his relatives. A shocking new rumour suggests that Harry may publish a new book following the death of his father.

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King Charles and Prince Harry’s relationship has apparently been at a low point for years, and they only communicate when absolutely necessary. Prince Harry visited the UK shortly after it was announced that King Charles had cancer in order to support his father.

There have been reports indicating that he might resume his royal duties if he believed it was appropriate. However, if William makes that decision, it will not be possible.


Similarly, Jennie Bond, a former royal correspondent for the BBC, said that if a second book was ever released, the Palace doors would be “slammed.” “Harry could never have thought to follow up on Spare. Bond stated, “He has shown that he wants to go on.

He has spoken his feelings, let his anger out, and accepted the consequences. “I firmly doubt that he will address his complaints in a follow-up book. One about his career, Invictus, or the pleasures of fatherhood might exist, but it won’t address his problems with the past.

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“If he did go there, then I am sure the response would be a continued dignified silence and a resounding crash as the Palace doors slammed on any hope of future reconciliation,” the former royal journalist for the BBC concluded. Although some contend that Harry won’t write another novel, not everyone shares that opinion.

Royal analyst Kinsey Schofield made the shocking revelation that Prince Harry will publish a second book when his father “inevitably” dies and his brother, Prince William, ascends to the throne on her show, Kinsey Schofield Unfiltered. He might write about his family once more, in my opinion.

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He had been waiting for [Queen Elizabeth’s death] to write a book. When the [late] Queen passed away, initially, they said there will be another publication, Schofield said.

“I think that once his father died, he might publish a book. particularly if Prince William keeps putting him at a distance. For what would happen if Prince William forced you to leave the group?

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