Irish TV star Saoírse Ruane has tragically passed away at the age of 12 following a four-year battle with cancer

Saoirse Ruane, an Irish TV personality, lost her life tragically at the age of twelve after a four-year struggle with illness, her family said in a statement. When there are no words, Roseanna, her distraught mother, posted the heartbreaking news on Instagram.

It breaks our hearts to inform you that on Tuesday, after a protracted, brave, and honourable struggle, our darling daughter Saoirse passed away in our arms.

We express our gratitude to all of our wonderful followers who have been thinking of Saoírse and us over the past several weeks. Given how much Saoirse was adored across the country and the impact she had on so many lives, we also think of you all today. You took her away from us, along with our dreams and life, Cancer. Never again will life be the same.

2019 saw the Late Late Toy Show star receive a cancer diagnosis after complaining of an ankle injury. Due to a potentially fatal osteosarcoma tumour in her tibia, Saoírse had to have her leg amputated in 2020. “President Higgins has sent his deepest condolences to the family of Saoírse Ruane from Kiltullagh, Co. Galway, following her passing at the age of 12,” tweeted the Irish president in remembrance of Saoírse.

Saoirse’s kindness and strength served as an inspiration to everyone. A number of Saoírse’s wishes had already come true, like seeing Manchester United play at Old Trafford and taking her ideal trip to Disneyland.

In June 2022, Saoírse was forced to undergo surgery to remove a tumour from her lung after receiving a tragic second cancer diagnosis. For her mother, seeing her daughter fight cancer once more was “unimaginable.” Roseanna disclosed in November 2023 that the cancer had progressed from one lung to the other.

Saoirse is the most courageous person we have ever met, and when she learned of the tragic news last night, her one and only request was to decorate the Christmas tree. Thus, she said, “that is what we are doing—setting up the decorations before [the] Toy Show.” “As always, we ask that you keep our brave, resilient girl in your prayers.”

Very sorry to hear of Saoirse Ruane’s passing, stated Tanaiste Michael Martin. I shall never forget my first encounter with Saoirse and her mother Roseanna at Croke Park, when I witnessed her lovely grin and unwavering devotion to GAA.

Ryan Tubridy, a former Late Late anchor, grew close to Saoirse’s family after her debut on The Toy Show. Without her, he claimed, the “world is a poorer place.” “I have learned of the demise of my beloved friend Saoírse Ruane, with the deepest anguish I can imagine.

“As soon as we met, we became buddies. After sharing her story, the country fell in love with her, a charity was founded in her honour, and she went on to improve and uplift the lives of hundreds of Irish youngsters. “A selfless, modest, compassionate, upbeat, and considerate child.” Her passing will help many of us put a lot into perspective because she was everything our nation could and should be. “I send Roseanna, Ollie, and Farrah Rose, a lovely family whose world has completely changed, my condolences and all of my love. “I express my gratitude to them for granting us all access to their remarkable Saoírse.

“Saoirse’s absence has made the world a poorer place, but I do hope that sparkle in her eye never goes away.”

On Sunday at 1:45 p.m., Saoírse’s funeral will be held at St. Peter and Paul’s Church in Kiltullagh.

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